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CSI Vegas Fans Are Ecstatic Over Greg Sanders' Return (But Wanted More)

As one of the OG members of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," the resident DNA specialist Greg Sanders (Greg Szmanda) has the most episode appearances, despite beginning the show in a supporting role. Over time, he became an integral part of the CSI team, having one of the most fleshed-out personalities on the series. His character became more serious about his job throughout, but he always retained his jokester personality. When he's first introduced in his first "CSI: Vegas" episode, he's 'Count Sanders,' fake vampire teeth and all, due to Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome) asking him to be on the 'Vampire shift.'

Many viewers were confused about the timing of Sanders' first episode back. "Powerful [episode] but I was expecting Greg's [episode] back to be about him or one of his interests and include Catherine too," tweeted @shewasacat. "The [episode] had a very specific theme and was Max-centric and should have stayed that way without needing an extra character that didn't add anything specific." While fans were ecstatic over Sanders' return, many wished the story had been focused on him.

Fans wished we were given a Greg-centric episode

Our hearts leaped when Greg Sanders' name was dropped in Season 2, Episode 10 of "CSI: Vegas," and then again in Episode 17 when we watched Greg walk down the stairs and meet Roby for the first time. But we quickly realized that — despite not having been seen since the original "CSI" ended eight years ago — we weren't going to get any info related to what Greg's has been up to for the past decade. "So there's no story to go along with Greg coming back? He's just [gonna be] another CSI?" tweeted @BrookeShute13. Others agreed, with @Sammi_Beckett tweeting, "Raise your hand if you were disappointed by Greg's reunion episode that had no Catherine and the reason for Greg coming back was an after thought, and felt like he deserved an episode that revolves around him."

It was great to see Greg get along so well with the new team, especially Penny Gill (Sarah Gilman). Watching the two of them brainstorm together and feed off each others' insights was delightful, but fans were disappointed that he didn't have any scenes with the only other original member, Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger). Luckily, comments by showrunner Jason Tracey to TVInsider tell us that will be remedied in Episodes 18 and 19. "They're fantastic on screen together," Tracey said about the pair. "The sort of big sister, little brother dynamic that they always played came right back instantly. It's like just 'add water.' It's fun to watch them."