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Post-Credit Scenes That Failed To Live Up To The Hype

The frequency of post-credits scenes has rapidly accelerated since the MCU made them mainstream in 2008 with "Iron Man." Marvel may not have invented the inclusion of these scenes, but the MCU certainly popularized them — to the point where most audiences won't leave the theater for any movie until the screen goes completely black. Sure, it can be a little frustrating to wait for a mid or post-credits scene that never comes, but it's nice to recognize the hard work that goes into filmmaking beyond the core cast members. Many movies also display artwork and other fun surprises at the end, so it's often worthwhile to stick around once the credits roll.

Though plenty of franchises are going in this direction, not every mid or post-credits scene is a winner. Sometimes, these scenes feel like they exist for no other reason than to keep fans in the theater. Other times, scenes can tease a franchise's future or even debut a character we haven't met before. Some of these sequences are so iconic that it's difficult to appreciate any post-credits inclusion that doesn't live up to that expected hype — of which there are more than a few.

Between an awkward Captain America PSA, a hammering sound, a conversation with a fish, and some donkey-dragon kids that no one asked for, here are some of Hollywood's post and mid-credits scenes that failed to live up to the hype.

Scream VI

The "Scream" franchise has long established itself as peak meta-horror. No modern satirical horror series has even come close to snagging the kind of influence Wes Craven's masterpiece has had on pop culture. The love for these films extends far beyond horror fans, and even people who haven't seen the movies can probably recite a Ghostface line. If Ghostie asked "Scream" fans to name their favorite scary movie, they'd surely name the iconic 1996 film.

Surprisingly, 2020's "Scream" lived up to the hype of the original films, amassing massive box office numbers for the sixth movie in a horror franchise. Horror sequels that reach that number normally crash and burn as cheaply made mediocre cash cows with none of the original cast. Not "Scream," however. On top of putting a modern spin on the original films' meta vibe, fans fell in love with the new cast while appreciating the references, cameos, and legacy of the original movies and cast members.

Fans had their hopes up when they heard about a post-credits scene after the ending of "Scream VI." Yet the sequence is a seconds-long clip of none other than Mindy Meeks (the new horror expert) telling fans that not every movie needs a post-credits scene. Sure, it's funny and meta, and Hollywood has gotten a little ridiculous with post-credit scenes. Yet, despite it being a pretty self-aware roast, it doesn't do anything to tease the future of the franchise — and that's what fans were really looking for.

MCU scene teasers

When released, teased scenes from future MCU films are exciting. However, that novelty wears off. It doesn't take a genius to acknowledge how difficult it must be to coordinate certain post-credit scenes. Most of the MCU cast are movie stars with overlapping filming schedules and commitments that make it difficult to pop over to set for a day. Given that, more often than not, the mid and end-credits scenes feature characters outside of the film they take place in, some of these sequences had to be filmed well in advance — likely during other movies.

We admit it's not the easiest thing to pull off. Additionally, dozens of these scenes exist, so it's only natural that not all will have entirely original content. At the end of the day, though, these scenes exist to acknowledge the cast, crew, and creatives that made the movie possible, in addition to getting fans excited for whatever comes next. What better way to do that than a teased scene? Okay, maybe there are better ways, but it's the easiest. Yet once the new film comes out, these scenes become obsolete and a lot less fun to rewatch — especially since fans will see these sequences twice in a row if their binge game is strong.

The MCU has done this quite a few times, with post-credits scenes such as the "Thor" scene in the "Iron Man 2" post-credits, a "Captain America: Civil War" scene in the post-credits of "Ant-Man." Years later, "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantamania" even featured what appears to be a "Loki" Season 2 scene. This formula just doesn't hold up.


Modern superhero movies tend to take themselves a little too seriously, given that they typically involve men wearing tights and flying around in front of a green screen. As much as these movies (and their comic book origins) are epic and impactful, it's still fun to acknowledge that we can play around and poke fun at these worlds without turning in our superhero geek cards. "Shazam!" does just that with a moderately absurd premise and a (sometimes) witty self-awareness that most superhero franchises lack. We all need some entertaining satirical superhero content every now and again, and "Shazam!" fills that void.

Naturally, with a parody-like premise, the possibilities for mid and post-credits scenes are endless. Yet instead of picking something impactful to the DCEU or teasing future movies, the mid-credits scene involves Billy as he attempts to talk to a fish. The moment is neither quirky, impactful, nor funny.

The post-credits scene is only mildly better, as Shazam shows up at Freddy's lunch table with none other than Superman — except the Man of Steel's cameo is filmed shoulders-down. Did Henry Cavill okay this use of his super suit? Obviously, it would have been nearly impossible to get Henry Cavill for a cameo, but the torso shots of classic DC heroes are awkward. If a movie can't get the real deal for a cameo, it might just be better to avoid these weirdly-filmed scenes altogether. However, anything is better than the fish.

Avengers: Endgame

"Avengers: Endgame" is the most massive, impactful, and deadly movie in the MCU outside of the reversed Blip in "Avengers: Infinity War." Though fans say goodbye to both Iron Man and Captain America by the end of the movie, Steve gets to live a long love-filled life, while Tony's life is cut short just after he has started a family.

The end of the movie is dedicated to honoring and mourning Iron Man, the character who helped birth the MCU. Naturally, fans expected some kind of tribute to the arc reactor of the franchise in a post-credits scene. Instead, fans hear the soft noise of what sounds like a hammer at the film's close. Of course, the sound is meant to emulate Tony working on the Mark I armor in the 2008 movie that started it all.

On the one hand, it's a fairly lovely tribute to Robert Downey Jr. and his beloved character. There's certainly an argument to be made that the massive film says everything it needs to say within the confines of the actual movie. However, fans could have used a lighthearted moment or a tease for the future of the MCU, given that we just said goodbye to two of the series' biggest staples. Either way, it was a bold choice to make after establishing the mid and post-credits tradition for a decade.

Shrek 2

If a human can hook up with an ogre, it's only natural for a donkey to procreate with a dragon — right? The post-credits scene in "Shrek 2" is undoubtedly one that fans could live without, especially for the kids watching the film. The uncomfortable flirting between Donkey and Elizabeth the dragon is bad enough, but the post-credits scene takes things ten steps further. Surely, no one wants to picture the mechanics of a donkey and dragon hookup, but the extra scene forces us to do just that when we meet a bundle of interspecies dragon-donkey children.

Young kids watching the movie have the luxury of thinking a stork brought these critters to their mismatched parents, but the adults watching have to live with the knowledge of where these kids actually came from. Sure, it's a quirky moment that's supposed to feel joyous when Elizabeth flies down with a herd of donkey-looking dragon children, but this relationship is cringe from the very start, and no fans asked for this bizarre moment.

As Elizabeth blows a smokey heart into the air, Donkey cuts the awkwardness with the sentiment that he has to get a job, which is the only redeemable aspect of the sequence. It's not the only weird pairing in the post-credits scene in the franchise, though. Puss in Boots is a little too frisky with a pair of human women. Can we leave the cross-species dating out of kids' movies, please?

Daredevil (2003)

Sometimes, the extension of a villainous arc is welcome by fans. Other times, we just want to see them burn. While the 2003 "Daredevil" movie never quite lived up to the MCU legacy (or even the 2015 Netflix series), it certainly serves as a tragic romance story, as Daredevil's relationship with Elektra takes center stage throughout the movie. In the worst way possible, Elektra's life mirrors her father's, and Bullseye brutally strikes her down with a stomach wound. She dies in Daredevil's arms. 

At this point, fans are out for blood — and so is Daredevil. After impaling Bullseye's hands, Daredevil quite literally chucks the villain out of the window and into a full-body cast. Frankly, that's where fans would have preferred he stayed. Despite having a metal rod carve out holes in his hands, the post-credits scene sees Bullseye use a syringe to kill a fly in his hospital bed. 

Fans got temporary closure over his defeat, but it's a little too soon for the implication that he will escape after Elektra faced such a brutal demise. It's an even worse ending since the movie never got a sequel, and the single film marks the end of this iteration of Daredevil and Elektra. Had fans gotten a new movie, a sequel could have addressed Elektra's comic book resurrection, and then they could have brought back Bullseye so that Elektra could get some of her own sweet revenge. As it stands, this post-credits scene is not what fans wanted to see.

The Avengers

Arguably the most epic mid-credits scene of all time plays after "The Avengers" — with the first MCU onscreen reveal of Thanos. Of course, the purple megalomaniac would go on to become the Avengers' greatest foe right up through "Avengers: Endgame," — so debuting a villain of this magnitude during a mid-credits scene was huge. Yet after that massive bombshell, the film follows it up with a silent post-credits sequence. Does anyone really wonder what superheroes do after they defeat a slew of villains? Well, when it comes to the Avengers, they dine out on Shawarma in awkward silence, apparently.

On the one hand, the entirely silent scene filled with nothing but chewing sounds might have been the only thing fans could handle after that epic Thanos bombshell. However, it would have been far more effective if the film had switched the scenes. In addition to no one needing to know what the Avengers' chewing sounds like, it's a fairly awkward and bland choice for such an epic film. Okay, it's a little funny, but audiences were definitely expecting more, given the scene that proceeds it.

Iron Man 3

If Tony is being drab enough to put Bruce asleep, then the audience is in the same boat. The "Iron Man 3" post-credits scene is easily one of the franchise's most lackluster entries. It's easy to imagine how this scene might have come about. Picture the writer's room firing off ideas for post-credits scenes until someone says, "That's so boring it put me to sleep." Cue the lightbulb moment when another writer says, "That's it! Let's have Tony put Bruce to sleep."

Clearly, no one got a nap before they finalized this decision. Joking aside, Tony is a charismatic guy with a fascinating albeit tragic childhood. Given Bruce's rage issues, in no way, shape, or form should he act as someone's stand-in therapist. However, you'd think Tony would have a bit more personality when he's regaling the tale of his daddy issues (hey, we've all been there, Tony). The scene is obviously filler played for a chuckle, but it doesn't work on its own or get fans invested in the MCU's next project. We'll hit the snooze button on this one, thanks.

22 Jump Street

It's always a sad blow when you discover that your favorite series isn't getting a new movie. However, it's even worse when a movie teases the continuation of a franchise only to rip the rug right out from under fans. Honestly, what's worse than false hope? The mid-credits scene of "22 Jump Street" gets pretty meta when Captain Dickson tells Jenko and Schmidt that they're going to med school, only to follow up the sentiment with the title of a proposed third film and a movie poster for the fictional installment.

The proposition of "23 Jump Street: Medical School" is obviously a spoof, especially when you read the tagline: "Turn your head and cough." The next moments follow that same trajectory with dramatized scenes from these spoofy pitches and other titles that detail a slew of new movies like "26 Jump Street: Art School" and "28 Jump Street: Veterinary School." On some level, the sequences are fairly iconic and on-brand with the franchise's vibe. Still, it's not entirely clear at first that it's a goof, and the scenes gave fans hope that they might see a third film soon — without the medical school component, no doubt.

With that being said, the humor fades quickly as these posters and subsequent scenes go on for over four minutes in an endless litany of bad titles. It's a classic example of "Cool idea, bad execution."

Pitch Perfect 2

Okay, Bumper from "Pitch Perfect" is funny and occasionally charming in small doses. Still, most fans don't want the films to focus too heavily on The Treblemakers' arguably least likable member and his bizarre middle-child frat bro vibes. Yet, for some reason, the end credits of "Pitch Perfect 2" focus on Bumper and his somehow successful tryout for "The Voice." Sure, it's pretty cool that the film got the actual judges to appear, which elevates an otherwise awful sequence.

The best part of the scene comes when Blake Shelton undoes his chair turn when Bumper starts being weird. If the exchange continued in that direction, with all of the judges roasting him, it would be iconic and worthwhile. Yet disappointingly, every judge (including Shelton) turns around by the end of Bumper's rendition of "All of You."

However, Adam Levine does tell Bumper that under no circumstances should he choose him as a coach. So at least there's that. Christina Aguilera tells him that he has a lot of personality and she can "work with interesting." Obviously, Bumper chooses Aguilera — and then gropes her when he goes in for a hug. 

What makes the scene even more annoying, though, is the fact that it goes nowhere. Bumper has zero success at the start of the Peacock series "Bumper in Berlin." So either have him bomb his audition or make him genuinely successful. This wishy-washy post-credits scene just doesn't achieve the humor or charm it's meant to.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Can post-credits scenes please stop retconning mildly happy endings? Will and Elizabeth easily have the most beloved romance in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, but it's also the most tragic. The duo seems to get their happy ending in the third movie with a chaotic mid-battle wedding aboard The Black Pearl. However, Will receives a fatal wound, and Jack allows his friend to grasp the immortality that Jack dreamt of by becoming the new captain of the Flying Dutchman. Of course, that means he's cut off from Elizabeth, and later their son, for 10 years.

Yet in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales," Will breaks free from his curse, giving him, Elizabeth, and their son a happy ending — or so we think. During the post-credits scene, Will has what seems to be a nightmare that Davy Jones is still alive. That's all well and good until we glimpse a trail of barnacles and water next to Will and Elizabeth's bed after Will wakes up.

So, either Davy Jones is, in fact, back from the dead, or he's able to influence the living world. Neither bodes well for the pirate. Even worse, it looks like we'll never get closure on the status of Will and Elizabeth's interrupted happy ending, given that the franchise's sequels are scrapped. It's a pretty bummer of a scene to end a franchise with.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Captain America has plenty of wholesome and badass moments in the MCU, but PSAs are just not his forte. In "Spider-Man: Homecoming," Captain America delivers an awkward PSA about patience in an empty school hallway filled with lockers. Everything about the scene is uncomfortable and bizarre. The first two Cap PSAs throughout the movie are far more entertaining solely due to the reaction of the characters watching them — like the coach saying, "I'm pretty sure he's a war criminal now," and Peter storming out during Cap's detention message. Cap's "So your body's changing" sentiment is also a hilarious addition to that scene.

Yet without an audience to poke fun at these goofy videos, it's a pointless endeavor, and that's precisely what we get with the post-credits scene. It's a short sequence, and the best part comes when Cap says, "How many more of these?" Still, given that we see two better versions of this meta meme throughout the actual movie, the choice for a lamer version during the post-credits scene is a pretty big letdown. Given the exciting slate of films like "Black Panther" and "Doctor Strange" that the post-credits scenes could have teased, fans left the theater disappointed.