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What The Cast Of Pitch Perfect Is Doing Today

2012's "Pitch Perfect" tells the story of Beca, an aspiring music producer who reluctantly joins the all-female a cappella squad at her new college. There, she finds sisterhood, love, and her own voice — literally and figuratively. 

Based on a non-fiction book about the highly competitive world of college singing competitions, "Pitch Perfect" became one of those films audiences just couldn't stop talking about. Though it opened with a relatively small release, the movie quickly garnered critical acclaim and eventually rode a word-of-mouth wave to more than $115 million at the box office. It also managed to score a hit song in the form of "Cups (When I'm Gone)." Most impressively of all, "Pitch Perfect" helped make stars of several members of its young cast, and boosted some of its more established cast members into becoming even bigger Hollywood players. From the leading ladies to the scene-stealing supporting players, this is what the cast of "Pitch Perfect" is up to now.

Anna Kendrick - Beca

Anna Kendrick was already well on her way to major stardom when "Pitch Perfect" arrived. In the years before the movie debuted, she'd already appeared in the "Twilight" franchise and cult favorite "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World." Most impressively, she'd earned her first Oscar nomination in 2010, for her work alongside George Clooney in "Up in the Air." But the role of Beca, the Barden Bellas' unlikely new leader, catapulted Kendrick to new levels of fame. This high profile came about not just because of the film's runaway success, but because of the chart-topping power of "Cups," which became a viral sensation after the film's release.

Kendrick returned to play Beca in both "Pitch Perfect" sequels in the following years. The films' word-of-mouth blockbuster status has also meant that she's been plenty busy on other projects. Since "Pitch Perfect" wowed moviegoers all over the world, Kendrick has appeared in everything from mumblecore romcoms like "Drinking Buddies" to Disney fantasy hits like "Into the Woods" to animated smashes like "Trolls." In 2020, she starred in the first season of the HBO Max series "Love Life."

Rebel Wilson - Fat Amy

After making a name for herself in her native Australia on comedy series like "Pizza" and "The Wedge," Rebel Wilson made the leap to Hollywood in the early 2010s. She quickly established herself as a scene-stealer in films like "Bridesmaids" and "Struck by Lightning." As Fat Amy in "Pitch Perfect," Wilson was again able to show off her talent for bizarre comic timing, but also her ability to handle romantic comedy, something that's helped to define her career since.

Not long after "Pitch Perfect" became a sleeper hit and made Wilson into a household name, she landed her own romantic comedy TV series, "Super Fun Night." Though it only ran for one season, it cemented her broad appeal as a romcom star. More films soon followed, including "How to Be Single," "Isn't It Romantic?," and the caper comedy "The Hustle," in which Wilson starred alongside Anne Hathaway.

In 2019, Wilson returned to Australian TV for the series "Les Norton." She has also appeared in the Oscar-winning "Jojo Rabbit," the now-notorious "Cats," and the Netflix comedy "Senior Year." Wilson has also explored reality TV by hosting series like "Last One Laughing" and "Pooch Perfect." Even amidst that busy schedule, she made her way back for both "Pitch Perfect" sequels.

Anna Camp - Aubrey

When "Pitch Perfect" arrived in 2012, many viewers already recognized Anna Camp, thanks to her recurring role on the HBO hit "True Blood" and guest appearances on series like "Mad Men" and "The Office." Like so many other stars of the film, though, her time as a Barden Bella catapulted her career to even greater heights. As Aubrey, the Bellas' leader who grows to grudgingly accept and then embrace Beca's way of doing things, Camp proved that she's game to play the straight man in the midst of wacky comedy. This sets her apart, and Hollywood took notice.

More major roles soon followed in the wake of "Pitch Perfect." Camp returned to finish out "True Blood" on HBO and landed major appearances on other TV series, including "The Mindy Project," "Good Girls Revolt," and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." In addition to both "Pitch Perfect" sequels, she also booked films including "The Wedding Year," "The Lovebirds," "Here Awhile," "Cafe Society," and more. More recently, she put her singing and comedy talents to good use once again by starring on the ABC sitcom "Perfect Harmony" and appearing in Shudder's 2020 "Creepshow Holiday Special: Shapeshifters Anonymous."

Brittany Snow - Chloe

Brittany Snow's breakthrough came more than a decade before "Pitch Perfect," when she was cast on the soap opera "Guiding Light" as a teenager. She worked throughout the 2000s on shows like "American Dreams" and "Nip/Tuck" and in films like "John Tucker Must Die" and "Hairspray," distinguishing herself as a uniquely versatile talent. As Chloe, the Barden Bella who brings Beca into the fold and therefore changes the game for the team, Snow continued to showcase her range: Kind-hearted Chloe is a far cry from catty Amber in "Hairspray."

Like her "Pitch Perfect" co-stars, Snow rode the wave of the film's success to various new opportunities, while also finding time to play Chloe again in both of the film's sequels. In the years since the first movie's debut, she's worked on TV series including "Ben and Kate," "Full Circle," and "Almost Family," and appeared in films ranging from military drama "Bushwick" to the romantic comedy "Someone Great." In 2019, Snow moved into directing: She helmed the short film "Milkshake," which she also wrote.

Skylar Astin - Jesse

After beginning his career on stage in musicals like "Spring Awakening," Skylar Astin transitioned into film and television in the late 2000s. He landed his breakthrough role as Jesse, Beca's love interest, in "Pitch Perfect." While Beca works to change the Barden Bellas, Jesse does his part to evolve their male counterparts, the Treblemakers. Naturally, sparks fly.

Playing Jesse in "Pitch Perfect" opened a number of doors for Astin. He returned for "Pitch Perfect 2" in 2015, but didn't stick around for "Pitch Perfect 3" – perhaps because he was busy plying his musical comedy talents in other projects. You can see and hear Astin's post-"Pitch Perfect" work as both a singer and actor in everything from "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" to "Trolls: The Beat Goes On." In 2020, he joined the cast of the acclaimed NBC musical comedy series, "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist." It was a perfect fit for Astin's talents.

In 2022, he took on a lead role in the CBS series "So Help Me Todd," opposite Marcia Gay Harden.

Adam DeVine - Bumper

After spending the 2000s building his career through small film and TV roles and viral videos on YouTube, Adam DeVine broke through in a big way in 2011. That's the year he, alongside co-creators Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, and Kyle Newacheck, launched "Workaholics," a Comedy Central series that propelled him to new opportunities. A year later, "Pitch Perfect" came along, and his role as lead Treblemaker Bumper launched DeVine into even more impressive heights.

DeVine returned to play Bumper for "Pitch Perfect 2" and continued making "Workaholics" alongside his co-creators until 2017. He's been plenty busy with a host of other projects as well, ranging from films to TV series. On the big screen, DeVine has appeared in films like "Isn't It Romantic" (alongside "Pitch Perfect" love interest Rebel Wilson), "The Intern," "Why Him?," "When We First Met," and "Jexi," while his TV roles include his own series, "Adam DeVine's House Party," as well as "Modern Family" and "Drunk History." DeVine has also explored voice acting in animated projects: He's played Pizza Steve on "Uncle Grandpa," starred as Sam on "Green Eggs and Ham," and, most recently, voiced a key role on the animated comedy series "The Freak Brothers." Perhaps most impressively, DeVine scored a major role in 2019 as one of the title characters on the acclaimed HBO comedy series "The Righteous Gemstones."

In 2022, he reprised his role as Bumper in the Peacock series "Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin."

Ben Platt - Benji

Ben Platt began his career on the stage. He made breakthroughs on two different fronts in 2012 when he joined the Chicago cast of "The Book of Mormon" and landed his first major film role in "Pitch Perfect." As Benji, a shy new member of the Treblemakers who loves singing and magic, he won hearts and acclaim, and his star soon began to rise. Major fame arrived when he joined the cast of the Broadway hit "Dear Evan Hansen": Platt originated the title role, for which he won a Tony, a Grammy, and an Emmy.

Since "Dear Evan Hansen," Platt's kept busy. He played Benji one more time in "Pitch Perfect 2," took on the starring role in the Netflix series "The Politician," and has enjoyed a successful singing career. He's also made the jump to movie musicals: Platt landed the starring role in the film adaptation of "Dear Evan Hansen," and secured a part in Richard Linklater's adaptation of "Merrily We Roll Along."

Hana Mae Lee - Lilly

After beginning her career as a model, Hana Mae Lee built an acting resume through small roles on shows like "Mike & Molly" and "Workaholics" before landing the role of Lilly in "Pitch Perfect." Soft-spoken and eccentric, Lilly slowly reveals herself to be a scene-stealer among the Barden Bellas, especially after the rest of the team realizes she has incredible beatboxing skills.

Lee and her beatboxing returned for both "Pitch Perfect" sequels, but she's also used the years since the film became a hit to showcase her range as an actress and comedic performer. Her film credits include the horror-comedy "The Babysitter" and its sequel, "The Babysitter: Killer Queen," the hip-hop drama "Love Beats Rhymes," and the horror film "Phobias." Her TV credits include "Patriot," "Haunters: The Musical," "Perpetual Grace LTD," and "Those Who Can't." Lee has made it clear that she's interested in a wide range of projects: Not everyone signs on to a puppet-animated horror film ("Abruptio") and a crime comedy featuring nuns ("Habit") within the space of a few years, but that's exactly how Lee rolls.

John Michael Higgins - John

John Michael Higgins had already been a prolific comedy star for more than a decade when "Pitch Perfect" came along. After spending the 1990s building up a resume of smaller roles, Higgins became a cult comedy icon when he joined the cast of the improvisational masterpiece "Best In Show." More roles soon followed, including in "Best In Show" director Christopher Guest's other classics, "A Mighty Wind" and "For Your Consideration." In "Pitch Perfect," Higgins lent his distinctive voice and off-kilter comedy stylings to the role of John, one of two commentators at the a cappella competitions.

Higgins has further cemented his brand of scene-stealing comedy gold in the years since "Pitch Perfect," with roles in TV series like "Happily Divorced," "Wilfred," "Great News," and the recent reboot of "Saved by the Bell," as well as films ranging from "Sundown to Shimmer Lake." He returned for both "Pitch Perfect" sequels, and has also become an accomplished voice actor, with roles in projects like "Doc McStuffins," "Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," and "Big Hero 6: The Series."

Elizabeth Banks - Gail

Elizabeth Banks broke through in the early 2000s with a string of now-famous live-action roles in projects including "Wet Hot American Summer," "Spider-Man," "Catch Me if You Can," and "Seabiscuit." More roles, including a guest-star spot on "Scrubs" and a scene-stealing turn in the "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," soon came along to prove her comedy prowess. By the time "Pitch Perfect" arrived, Banks was one of the biggest stars in its cast. She was also, as a producer, one of the people most responsible for bringing the story to the screen in the first place.

The same year that "Pitch Perfect" was released, Banks co-starred in another megahit project: "The Hunger Games." This launched a sci-fi action franchise that helped keep her busy (and wearing fabulous wigs as the lovable Effie Trinket) for the next several years. She returned for each "Hunger Games" sequel and each "Pitch Perfect" sequel, making her directorial debut in "Pitch Perfect 2." In between these projects, she also found time for roles in "Power Rangers," "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp," "Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later," and "The LEGO Movie." In 2020, Banks took on a dramatic role on the acclaimed FX series "Mrs. America," and has continued to build her resume as a director and producer through projects like 2019's "Charlie's Angels" reboot and 2023's "Cocaine Bear."

Alexis Knapp - Stacie

Alexis Knapp is one of the elite group of "Pitch Perfect" cast members to be featured in all three movies, and there's a reason: Knapp's character Stacie is not only a core member of the Bellas, but also one of its funniest. Stacie is a rare female movie character with hyper-developed sexuality but none of the stereotypical "bimbo" traits — she may joke about sex, but it doesn't define her. She also plays well off of the more conservative Aubrey and Chloe, at times making her seem like another team leader. Lucky for us fans, she's also leading a full life in acting, one we can hope has only just begun.

To date, the "Pitch Perfect" trilogy remains Knapp's most high-profile roles, but she's enjoyed many subtler successes. Since her acting career began just over a decade ago, Knapp has found consistent work in supporting roles in films and guest star characters in TV series. She also landed one main role in a TV series, the short-lived but critically successful "Ground Floor," which coincidentally featured "Pitch Perfect" co-stars Skylar Astin as the series's lead and Anna Camp in a recurring role. And though you likely wouldn't notice it without being told, Knapp also played a character in "The Orville," an alien named Irillia, whose makeup and prosthetics render the actress almost completely unrecognizable.

Ester Dean - Cynthia Rose

The vast majority of main cast members in the "Pitch Perfect" franchise are actors first and singers or dancers second, many of which are arguably just actors who sing if the role demands it. For Ester Dean, who plays Cynthia Rose in all three "Pitch Perfect" movies, however, her role came about in the exact opposite way — Dean is a career singer and songwriter whose general talent and charisma opened the door to cinematic success, as well.

Dean is not only a songwriter but a wildly successful one. Her Spotify page seems like any average playlist of 2010's hits compiled by any average fan, except that every song is written by Dean. Among many, many others, she has written "Countdown" for Beyoncé, "Firework" for Katy Perry, "Super Bass" for Nicki Minaj, and "Rude Boy" for Rihanna. Dean has also performed or been featured on her original songs, and when her prodigious output is combined with her uncanny knack for writing and production, it's easy to see why she's been practically showered with awards throughout her career.

Amazingly, Dean decided to put her songwriting career on hold while she filmed "Pitch Perfect," but just couldn't stop. While on set — again, while attempting to take a break from songwriting — Dean wrote "Invincible," for Machine Gun Kelly, which ended up becoming yet another massive hit for the truly invincible Dean.

Utkarsh Ambudkar - Donald

Though Utkarsh Ambudkar was only in the first "Pitch Perfect," and not even for very long, he left a memorable impression on fans due to his magnetic performance. Specifically, as Donald, the second-in-command of the Treblemakers, Ambudkar wowed with his talents in not only singing but beatboxing and rapping, as well. During the Treblemakers' performance at the Finals, Ambudkar's sudden burst onto the stage to rap the verses to "Magic" by B.o.B. and Rivers Cuomo is a major highlight of the show. Ambudkar's skill and likability were enough to ensure that his breakthrough role in "Pitch Perfect" was far from a one-hit-wonder.

Ambudkar's career has taken off like a rocket in the realms of TV, theater, and film — especially the latter, in which his first credited role was in the 2007 indie gem "Rocket Science." On the big screen, Ambudkar's second most recognizable role was in Ryan Reynolds's "Free Guy," and his television work is impressive too. Among many other roles, he played the main character's brother on "The Mindy Project," a main role in Season 2 of "Brockmire," and currently, the co-lead role in the CBS sitcom "Ghosts" – a hilarious comedy and one that brings Ambudkar a lot of joy. In the theater, Ambudkar has the distinct honor of being the first to play Aaron Burr in Lin-Manuel Miranda's "Hamilton" as it was being developed.