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Theory: Ted Lasso's Little Green Match Book Could Be A Big Red Herring

Contains spoilers for Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 3 – "4-5-1"

Besides the cliffhanger that we hope Trent Crimm (James Lance) won't blow the whistle on, this week's "Ted Lasso" saw Rebecca's (upcoming "Mission: Impossible" star, Hannah Waddingham) skepticism over psychics tested when she's faced with a signal that a former flame could be reignited. After visiting a psychic at her mother's request, Rebecca was told she had a green matchbook somewhere in her future, as well as the assertion that she would one day have a family. Then, during the soft opening of Sam's (Toheeb Jimoh) restaurant, her ex-lover hands her a green matchbook as a parting favor. Rebecca recalls the psychic's prediction and sees what might be a sign to spark up her old romance with AFC Richmond's number one nice guy. Or so we're led to believe.

Undoubtedly, we want to see the final season of "Ted Lasso" end on a high note and core characters happy about wherever they end up when the ref calls time. Sam and Rebecca reuniting after a hasty breakup would be on the wishlist for some fans. But while audiences would be happy to see the love return between Rebecca and Sam, there's a chance that this recent sign from the powers-that-be might not be what we think. It wouldn't be the first time that "Ted Lasso" has led us down a path before shocking us with another surprise twist. This plot development has every chance to be doing the same, and if our post-match analysis is anything to go by, Rebecca could end up with someone many originally expected but gradually gave up on.

The final chapter could see Rebecca and Ted Lasso together

As much as we'd love to see Rebecca and Sam kiss and make up, signs of Obisanya moving on may already have been revealed. Before the matchbook gets Rebecca's hopes up, she also catches sight of her ex having a friendly back-and-forth with his restaurant chef, with both of them hinting that they have a good bit of chemistry. With that in mind, Rebecca might have missed her shot already — but could have another with her biggest wild card to visit the ground, Ted Lasso.

Even though Rebecca might have seen the green matchbook as a sign, there's still time to prove that it might not be the one she should look out for. If you'll recall, last week, Coach Beard caught Ted doing something he's never done before, giving one of his assistant manager's soccer strategy page-turners a read to finally understand football. Initially, it might have been set up as a throwaway gag, but could this be the sign of Ted starting to put the effort in and taking notes on how to help the team by way of a "match book?" Granted, "Inverting the Pyramid" wasn't green all over, but there's plenty more from Beard's shelf that Ted could browse and suggest to Rebecca that she might be looking in the wrong place and turn her attention elsewhere. The only issue is the potential love triangle that could come from it, but it might not last.

Ted and Stinky sitting in a tree, S-O-R-R-Y Sassy

They might not have seen eye-to-eye initially, but as the show progressed, Ted and Rebecca formed a bond tighter than most, with both parties being there for the other at their worst. Rebecca was there during Ted's first panic attack and has regularly checked in with him. Also, you can't deny that you expected her to be knocking at Ted's hotel room door in the first season instead of Sassy. It's here, though, where if our theory is correct, a love triangle might well be forming, but one that won't be as stressful as the one between Roy (Brett Goldstein), Keeley (Juno Temple), and Jamie (Phil Dunster).

Every time she's been on the scene, Sassy (Ellie Taylor) has been the carefree friend to support Rebecca and ensure she's had a good time. During these visits, while there's undoubtedly been an element of flirtation between the two, Sassy and her Marlboro man haven't felt like a relationship the show is invested in. Maybe that's because it was never the plan for them to end up together. With "Ted Lasso" coming to an end and our titular hero having to move on from his last relationship, a change in Ted's trajectory could see him finding a new possibility in a place that's been in front of him this whole time, and with an additional prophecy being fulfilled for Rebecca as a result.

Could Rebecca find a future and a family with Ted?

As the show progressed, it was made clear, thanks to the cutting comments from Rebecca's ex, Rupert (Anthony Head), that while he didn't want children with her, she always had hopes for a family. It's why the closing prediction from her visit to the fortune is so cutting, and she responds so sharply to the promise of her having a family. Should this theory of Ted and Rebecca becoming a thing hold some truth, though, she might have a chance of becoming a stepmother to a child on the show.

Even though Season 3 began with Henry (Gus Turner), Ted's son, flying back home from the beginning, the final trailer released before its arrival showed both father and son in the stand at a West Ham match behind Nate, confirming Lasso and son are reunited. With this in mind, who's to say that Rebecca (who hasn't crossed paths with Henry that much) could end up getting some quality time with a close friend and his son, sparking the idea of a love interest she had never considered?

Then again, this could all be a massive jump to conclusions, and Rebecca could end back up with Sam, as we're being led to believe so far. There's also a strong contingency of fans who love the platonic friendship between Rebecca and Ted and would not want to see that jeopardized. However, for two characters who have undoubtedly struggled in their own journeys since the show began, seeing a win-win situation with these two would be an unexpected treat.