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AHS Fans Are Loving A ChatGPT-Generated Story Idea For A Future Season

When it sets its artificial mind to it, ChatGPT can do just about anything. It can write essays about inflation or imagine scenes between MCU characters and Mahatma Gandhi, depending on the person using it. Of course, the essays are often repetitive and plagiarized, and the scenes are rote and one-dimensional, but ChatGPT proudly shares them anyway. And now, ChatGPT can even conceive entire seasons of "American Horror Story."

Case in point: Reddit user u/Benjen88 has shared an epic-sounding storyline for "AHS" that mixes ghost pirates, deadly singing mermaids, and "AHS" regular Kathy Bates. Upon reading about the story, which takes in "Helltown, Massachusetts," u/flysafepapi quickly wrote, "I'd watch the hell out of this tbh, now I'm gonna be disappointed if this doesn't get made," although others thought the post was the actual synopsis for Season 12. 

Eventually, fans began to urge the original poster to pitch the story to "AHS" creator Ryan Murphy.

Some fans think Helltown could be a series-best season

With an A-List cast of Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, and Evan Peters, the hypothetical "Helltown" season promises both mystery and madness. According to the synopsis, which involves Bates' character investigating a town curse, the residents of Helltown have to "break the curse and escape the clutches of the ghostly pirates and savage sirens." 

"ACK! I thought you worked for the show and were giving us a sneak peek," wrote u/FAITH2016 in response to the OP. "It all sounds awesome and I love it!" Then another fan, u/ProfessorPigTyme, commented, "You should pitch it — the worst thing they can say is 'no.'" 

Others offered casting suggestions, such as Cody Fern as one of Helltown's murderous mermen. On top of that, some even suggested that "AHS: Helltown" could be better than some of the series' most recent seasons (cough, "Double Feature.") All in all, "AHS" fans were just excited to discover that ChatGPT — which can be entirely unpredictable — is just as obsessed with the show as they are.