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Modern Family: Fans Find The Gummy Bear Storyline Highly Underrated

Every "Modern Family" character is indeed funny in their own right, but some things work better in pairs. And it's one of these unlikely duos that fans believe have given birth to one of the show's best side plots.

The Season 7 episode "The Party" sees Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) and Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) hang out one night to attend a movie screening while their kids are home alone. While waiting in line for the movie, the two encounter a client of Phil's, who recommends that the two take a pair of gummy bear edibles to truly enjoy the film. The two, having never been high before, excitedly take the gummies, but their excitement is halted when they must go back home to check on some mysterious activity involving their kids.

Comedy ensues as the two do their best to hide their high from Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and Claire (Julie Bowen), who suspect the kids have been throwing a party while they were out. The side plot made for a hilarious add-on to an already pretty funny episode, with many fans considering it one of the show's best moments, such as u/FireStuff24 on Reddit, who says one of their favorite moments was when "Mitch and Phil eat edible gummy." And they aren't alone in this notion.

Phil and Mitchell make a surprisingly good pair

Phil and Mitchell's infamous gummy bear high subplot in "Modern Family" manages to still be as one of the show's funniest side stories. Much of this is thanks to the chemistry between Ty Burrell and Jesse Tyler Ferguson's characters, who fans, such as u/slowdownyourneighbor believe make the episode. "Definitely one of my favorite episodes! Love the Mitch/Phil pairing," the user comments. Similarly, u/zayatopia is in love with the pair, going as far as to call them an, "Underrated DUO!!!"

Thankfully, the underrated duo were given more than enough time to shine. Trying to pinpoint the most side-splitting moment in their escapade is an especially tall task for fans. On Reddit, u/froggaholic notes the memorable scene when, after one of Luke's friends falls from the window in front of the adults, Phil and Mitchell, who knew of the party,  "... quietly say 'there's a party upstairs,' it's so hilarious." 

A YouTube comment section also saw fans throw out their opinions on what made for the funniest moment. One fan found Phil's line towards the end, "I have two words for you — think about time travel" to be especially gut-busting. "I laughed for like 5 straight minutes repeating the same scene," they comment. Meanwhile, another viewer found Mitchell's chip eating especially comedic, saying, "It was Mitchell having the munchies for me." Phil and Mitchell's night may not have gone quite as planned, but fans wouldn't have it any other way,