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Grey's Anatomy S19 Episode 12 Promo Has Fans Worried About Addison

Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) has a complicated history with "Grey's Anatomy" fans, to say the least. After crashing the party in the Season 1 finale, she became a mainstay of the popular medical drama, appearing in every episode of Seasons 2 and 3. By then — despite her tumultuous start as the foil to Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) — Addison had slowly but surely won fans over, and she even got her own spin-off, "Private Practice."

16 years later and fans couldn't be happier that Addison is appearing more frequently at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and when the Season 19, Episode 12 promo dropped, they took to social media to freak out.

In the promo we see Addison talking with a pregnant trainee in the street when suddenly a speeding car hits her and grazes Addison, knocking them both to the ground. "THE PROMO WITH ADDISON, I'M CRYING," tweeted @sxweetchild. Other fans, like @sincerelyslexie, displayed more anger than sadness: "if Addison Montgomery dies I will commit war crimes, leave the poor woman ALONE." Fans are clearly upset that Addison may be hurt, or worse.

Some fans are convinced Grey's wouldn't kill off Addison

There aren't too many shows that have a hated character become a beloved one, but "Grey's Anatomy" has proven that it's not like other shows, and Addison Montgomery isn't your typical antagonist. Many fans agree that Addison gets too much hate, and much of it simply has to do with the timing of her appearance on the show. As Derek Shepherd's estranged ex-wife, she came between him and Meredith Grey, a relationship fans had already become invested in.

With the writers painting her as the wife who cheated on Derek with his best friend, she was immediately labeled a villain. Despite this, Kate Walsh's personality shined through and fans couldn't help but love her character. "She's like this 1940s movie star, an old-fashioned can-do girl," Shonda Rhimes gushed about Walsh to Marie Claire. "She can play anything, from the goofiest, 'poison oak on the va-jay-jay' plotline to the most wrenching, 'this baby is going to die.' I discovered I had endless stories to write for her."

While many are nervous about Addison's fate, other faithful "Grey's Anatomy" fans are staying positive. "Addison is going to be fine!!" tweeted @cryinginwarma. "We know how much ["Grey's Anatomy"] loves a good drama." Fans won't find out until March 30 if Addison's okay, but we have a good feeling "Grey's" wouldn't bring her back just to kill her off right away — especially with a "Private Practice" spin-off back on the table.