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Whatever Happened To Sweetkiwi After Shark Tank?

Up-and-coming entrepreneurs who dare to present their new product or concept to the bloodthirsty investors on ABC's "Shark Tank" come onto the show believing that their budding company is right on the cusp of success. Of course, some new businesses have an immediate leg up over others simply based on the type of consumer the product appeals to. One market sector that will usually get the Sharks' attention right off the bat is health and fitness. So when Ehime Eigbe and her husband/partner Michael Akindele presented their new healthy dessert option, the Sharks smelled blood in the water. And if the duo had any level of confidence walking in front of the panel with their company Sweetkiwi, that faith was justified.

In Season 14, Episode 19, Eigbe and Akindele presented their healthy frozen yogurt dessert company to the millionaire investors. The entrepreneurs confidently asked for $250,000 for 5% of their growing business. Just like almost every edible product that gets pitched on the show, samples were handed out to the panel which received immediate positive feedback. Shark Kevin O'Leary offered the money they were looking for, but for 20% of the company. However, after some back-and-forth it was Robert Herjavec who secured a deal for the same amount of money in exchange for 16% equity. The deal has already proven to be a success, as the healthy dessert can now be found in over 2,000 retail stores across the country, including Walmart, Whole Foods and Kroger.

Sweetkiwi originated in Africa

It seems like there will never be a time when people aren't looking for a healthy option when it comes to just about every type of food consumption. The fact that Sweetkiwi offers a much healthier desert choice for those looking to reduce their sugar intake made this up-and-coming business ripe for immediate success. Ehime Eigbe and husband Michael Akindele explained to the "Shark Tank" panel that the frozen all-natural healthy whole Greek yogurt dessert contains fiber, probiotics, and immune boosting superfoods. With growing flavor options that include Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Hazelnut, it's no surprise the Sharks were ready to hand over the cash needed to help take the business to a new level. And if there was one company that deserves this new success, it's Sweetkiwi.

Eigbe started the company back in 2011 in her home country of Nigeria after she was diagnosed with a Uterine Fibroid. The often painful condition inspired her to come up with new healthier options for eating, to help combat the symptoms of her ailment. After some success overseas, she brought her company to the United States in 2019. Fast forward to "Shark Tank," where Sweetkiwi's new investor Robert Herjavec valued the business at around $2.4 million. Now, multiple Sweetkiwi flavor options can be found in major retail stores across the nation, giving plenty of health conscious consumers a new all-natural option for dessert.