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Zack Snyder Confirms Army Of The Dead 2 Is Still Coming - What Might That Look Like?

Though most of the current Zack Snyder chatter lately has been about his cryptic DC tweet or his upcoming Netflix space opera "Rebel Moon," his horror hit for the streamer, "Army of the Dead," is still well worth discussing. Not only was the zombie movie a massively watched phenomenon when it was released, but it also led to a spin-off with "Army of Thieves," confirming the launch of a franchise and a shared cinematic universe.

All the same, fans haven't heard much about the promised sequel to "Army of the Dead" in quite some time. Luckily, the filmmaker recently confirmed that the sequel is still on the way when he stopped by The Nerd Queens podcast to discuss it among the many other projects that he's currently working on.

"As far as the Army Universe goes, though, it's still alive and well, and in my mind," the director explained. "I know exactly what I would do," he said at first, before suggesting that how it goes with the sequel "really depends on how we try and figure it out as we go forward." However, the biggest question fans might have, considering the ending of the first film, is what or who the sequel would even be about.

Almost everyone is dead at the end of Army of the Dead

Though Zack Snyder didn't have much more to say about "Army of the Dead 2," horror hounds who gobbled down the first film will probably be wondering how the sequel's story would unfold. As fans will recall, every cast member is dead by the end of the film except for Kate Ward (Ella Purnell).

Though the badass mercenary Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick) is briefly shown in a stinger scene, he's already shown to have been bitten while on a plane to Mexico City, meaning his fate is sealed. With that in mind, will a new outbreak in Mexico City be the sequel's focus? And, if so, can that location live up to the novelty of a zombie-filled Las Vegas from the original film?

Notoriously, one of the most fun and tongue-in-cheek elements of "Army of the Dead" was its many Las Vegas tropes, like Elvis impersonators and showgirls being dragged kicking and screaming into the throes of a zombie apocalypse. While Mexico City has plenty of iconic landmarks of its own, that location might not have enough cultural cache with the target audience to live up to the first film's memorable setting.

Meanwhile, Las Vegas has been nuked by the end of "Army of the Dead," meaning that the story can't return to the undead-infested deserts of Nevada either. Finally, there's the heist element to consider. Being that the central hook of the first film is that it's a heist movie set amid a zombie apocalypse, what would the mission of this sequel be?

SInce the virus has spread, maybe we'll see a Mexican heist

Given how the first film wrapped up, it would make sense for the only survivor, Kate, to return in a sequel. It's only natural that whoever might be hiring someone or building a team for "Army of the Dead 2" would want the sole survivor of the Vegas incident as a team member.

Furthermore, with Ella Purnell's star having risen considerably following her turn as queen bee Jackie on the survival drama "Yellowjackets," it might just be the perfect time to have her lead a big action movie of her own. After all, the gamble that Zack Snyder took by making Dave Bautista the star of the original film definitely paid off. 

However, when you consider Kate's humanitarian streak, what the crew is meant to smuggle or steal might be a very different target. Maybe it will be a mission to help some especially vulnerable or high-value individuals out of the city before it's too late. Or perhaps the goal will be to get a valuable artifact out of Mexico City before it, too, is destroyed.

Either way, with more vital Zack Snyder projects arriving before we get the chance to see the return of "Army of the Dead," the ravening hordes will have to wait and see where the filmmaker takes his hit horror series when it inevitably lands on Netflix.