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Euphoria: Storm Reid Hopes Season 3 Gives Gia More Reasons To Smile

Every character on HBO's "Euphoria" has gone through difficult experiences, and Gia is an especially strong candidate for therapy. Not only did her father Robert (Bruce Wexler) die of cancer when she was 10, but older sister Rue (Zendaya) openly struggles with drug addiction.

Gia even finds Rue choking due to an overdose and, though terrified, saves her life by calling emergency services. However, Rue is never able to stay sober for long and eventually relapses. The teenager even runs into open traffic at one point rather than go to rehab.

Actress Storm Reid told Hollywood Life she appreciates Gia and Rue's relationship: "I love that she, no matter what, has that unconditional love and sacrificial love for her sister." She just hopes the show's upcoming third season is easier on her character.

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Storm Reid wants less heartbreak for Gia in Euphoria Season 3

After Gia went through so much heartache and trauma trying to help Rue in Seasons 1 and 2, it's only natural Storm Reid wants her character on "Euphoria" to have a better time this season.

The actress told ScreenRant, "No, I hope we get to see Gia [smile] more, but my overarching hope for Season 3 is just more levity, more joy, more grace." Rue ends Season 2 sober and seems committed to avoiding substance abuse, at least for now. Maybe this means her sister won't go through so much pain as an indirect result.

Season 3 of the series hasn't started filming yet, but Reid explained to ScreenRant how she wants a different journey for Gia. "I think we have covered the entire spectrum of emotions in 'Euphoria' over the last two seasons," she said, "so hopefully Season 3 is a little less heartbreaking." Considering that brutal Season 2 ending, the show probably won't become a happy-go-lucky musical anytime soon, but it would still be nice if Gia found happiness.