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Rick & Morty Fans Appreciated Spencer Grammer More Thanks To This BTS Video

It can be easy to watch "Rick and Morty" and forget the hard work that goes into crafting each episode of the hit sci-fi comedy series. And when fans are reminded of the effort it takes from the show's cast and crew, it can become an eye-opening discovery, to say the least.

Such was the case on Reddit when u/nialldude3 shared a clip of Summer Smith voice actress Spencer Grammer performing her character during a voice record session for the Season 3 finale, "The Rickchurian Mortydate." Along with showcasing some fun moments such as Grammer chomping on Cheetos before her session starts, the short clip gives viewers just a taste of the immense effort that goes into voice performing. Not only does the actress have to stay on top of the direction given to her by Justin Roiland, but she must also do several takes of high-energy lines of dialogue.

Fans responding to the thread hold high respect for the work that goes into the voice acting. Users like u/Carbine2017 admire seeing the process unfold, commenting, "I love seeing these videos of voice actors doing their craft." Meanwhile, u/H4loR4ptor takes note of the arduous nature of Grammer's line of work, saying, "I feel like voice acting is a lot more difficult than it seems." But equally as fascinating to others as the craft itself is the talented woman who makes it look easy.

Seeing Grammer in action is mind-blowing for fans

It's hard to imagine anyone other than Spencer Grammer bringing life to the chaotically-spirited Summer Smith on "Rick and Morty." No one could probably agree more than the fans who saw the voice actress in action in a clip posted on Reddit.

Spencer Grammer recording dialogue for Summer from

Redditor u/BrokeDancing admits to finding the process very cool but also notes the strain it likely takes on Grammer's voice. "Yeah her voice is pretty toasty after a day like this," the user comments. "A lot of emotion & volume." And all that effort certainly paid off, with u/SGSMUFASA praising Grammer's more recent work on the show, saying, "She has really shined in the last few seasons. She rules."

Others were left bewildered by the process. Such users as u/urbanlife78 comment, "It's so weird to see the actual voice of Summer." Redditor u/Roonerth went into more detail as to why they were similarly addled. "It's honestly so weird hearing a person with her voice," they say. "Like, in my head it's Summer's voice. The show itself is immersive enough to convince me Summer is 'real'. And now here this other person is with the exact same voice." Regardless if fans were left celebrating or confused by the clip, there's no denying that what Spencer Grammer brings to the table as Summer can't be matched.