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Rick And Morty's Spencer Grammer Wants To Play Summer Smith Until She's 80 (If Possible)

Ever since the start of "Rick and Morty" nearly a decade ago, Spencer Grammer has been entertaining viewers by voicing the character of Summer Smith, the granddaughter and sister to the titular characters, respectively. And if the talented actress has anything to say about it, she will be the only one to ever bring the character to life in the Adult Swim series.

The daughter of Kelsey Grammer started her career out as an uncredited little girl on the series "Cheers" and ever since then, she has lent her skills to a wide array of big-name shows such as "Grey's Anatomy, "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Chicago P.D." But her more notable gigs that absolutely deserve recognition for her excellent efforts on the small screen include over 90 episodes of the soap opera "As the World Turns" and over 70 entries of the family comedy-drama "Greek."

While everything she has embarked upon and completed deserves to be revered, her time in the booth for "Rick and Morty" is probably what she is most known for today. The adult animated series is in a bit of a troubled place right now, having fired co-creator and fellow actor Justin Roiland — who voiced both Rick and Morty — amid allegations of domestic abuse. Grammer, who has helped influence Summer, is prepared to go to great lengths to ensure she can continue being a part of the well-received cartoon.

In this reality, Grammer has dibs on Summer Smith for life and then some

Not only is Spencer Grammer committed to never stop voicing Summer Smith, but it also doesn't sound like she's afraid to get some "Rick and Morty"-style sci-fi-level upgrades so she can play the role until the end of time. "I want to do 'Rick and Morty' forever. If I can do it until I'm like eighty. I don't know, even if they have to put an electronic mouth in my mouth to make me say the words or something," Grammer revealed to Toonado. "Like, once I have a microchip in my head, I'm still doing 'Rick and Morty.' I'm forever playing Summer Smith. No one can take it away. Don't think about it."

Dedication to a role to the extent of willingly participating in cybernetic enhancements is the kind of devotion not many stars have showcased over the years. But it shouldn't be surprising that Grammer would be willing to augment her body to keep the persona alive on screen deep into the future — in the past, she has stated how she truly feels about her time on the series.

"I just truly commend our creators and producers and Adult Swim and all the people who are part of the show, it has really been an incredible experience," Grammer told Looper in late 2020. Luckily for the actress and fans, the experience isn't ending soon, despite the recent controversy. There are still plenty of episodes left from the tall 70-episode order Adult Swim put in for "Rick and Morty" in 2018, which presumably means (a non-robotic) Grammer will continue to voice Summer for a while.