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The Rick And Morty Theory That Has Fans Rewatching Season 3 Episode 10

With its subversive blend of science fiction and dark comedy, "Rick and Morty" remains a fan favorite Adult Swim show. The cartoon follows the zany misadventures of a super scientist and his dim-witted grandson as they hop between various universes and dimensions. Since its debut in 2013, the show has fueled endless discussions regarding its witty originality, creative sci-fi concepts, and wild humor. It has won several awards in the process, including a number of primetime Emmys and Annie Awards (via IMDb). And when you combine a loyal fan base with a far-out concept, it's no wonder that "Rick and Morty" is the subject of numerous fan theories. 

The show's co-creator, Justin Roiland, is glad to see the passion fans have with their theories, saying in an interview with Inverse, "I think it's normal and human and fun for fans to theorize and try to connect the dots. They're gonna do that no matter what, and I like to let them. I don't wanna get in the way."

In particular, one of the show's titular characters, Rick Sanchez has always made for a unique point of discussion throughout the fanbase. The alcoholic genius harbors both unreal levels of power and intelligence, while also being portrayed as deeply troubled and sympathetic through all his exploits. So, any little peek into his psyche is bound to have fans talking. Such is the case in the Season 3 finale, where one particular moment noticed by fans reveals more about Rick and the extent of his capabilities. 

Rick's battle with the Invisitroopers ends differently than expected

Season 3, Episode 10, "The Rickchurian Mortydate," sees Rick and Morty summoned by the President to take out a strange creature that's running rampant under the White House. When the two find the task too boring, they abandon the mission, much to the President's dismay. A lengthy battle ensues between both parties where the President tries to one-up Rick to the best of his ability, but he finds it almost impossible to do so.

Rick, who has been staying in the Oval Office until the President agrees to take a selfie with Morty, decides to abandon his struggle when he learns that Morty and the rest of his family have retreated to a private location. Amongst making an agreement with the President to call off the scuffle, the Commander-in-Chief calls off his "Invisitroopers," a band of invisible soldiers who were surrounding the two the entire time they were fighting, ready to take out Rick.

Amongst making themselves visible and walking away, Rick mentions that he knew they were there the entire time. It's probably not too hard to imagine that Rick of all people would work this out, given his absurd amount of intelligence. However, a number of fans who watched the episode believe that something implied in this moment suggests an even more superhuman ability.

Fans think Rick could actually see the Invisitroopers

From kicking butt as an ultra-powered pickle to creating a functional spaceship from things he found in the garage, Rick's level of ingenuity, resourcefulness, and intelligence is on another level, comparable only to other fictitious geniuses like Reed Richards and Doc Brown rather than real-life scientists. And one Redditor, u/DarkXSeries7, thinks that the Season 3 moment implies that Rick's brain works in practically superpowered ways. In their post, the user claimed that Rick could actually see the Invistroopers. Their evidence? A few almost undetectable frames before the Invisitroopers make themselves visible, Rick gives a quick glance behind himself, where one of them stands. The sharp observation spurred a variety of reactions.

Many fans were quick to doubt the theory. For instance, u/Ya_Got_GOT said, "Well we know he can HEAR them from a statement he said, but looking in the direction of a sound doesn't mean he can see them." Others believe the idea, also bringing up moments in the episode as a evidence. On this side of the argument, u/ContentCargo referenced Rick's reappearance in the Oval Office, saying, "Yep when he seemingly says 'we get it guys code red' in the middle of his talk, it can be presumed the invisitroopers were moving in and Rick was addressing them." Now, even if he was only addressing the visible security, it nevertheless shows ahead of the game Rick is — but it also supports the notion that the Invisitroopers were never invisible to him.

Meanwhile, u/BlackCherrySeltzer4U brought up another of Rick's statements. "Like he said in the episode, he's a god." And Rick's deity levels of power have only increased, so it's not too far off to think that sensing such prominent danger is nothing for him.