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Bree Harrison Tells Gold Rush Fans It Takes A Lifestyle Change To Become A Miner

More than two decades after "Survivor" popularized the term, reality TV is still bringing the hits with shows like Discovery's "Gold Rush," a series that's been going strong for 12 seasons. Following the professional exploits and personal dramas of miners working in tough regions like Alaska and Yukon, the show offers an exciting look into a lifestyle most of us will never experience.

With that in mind, some fans on the r/goldrush subreddit, like u/raybone12, were curious about what they should know before they take the gamble of joining a mining outfit themselves. Bree Harrison demonstrated in her own Reddit AMA that she knows firsthand what it's like to do this high impact job, as she appeared in 16 episodes of "Gold Rush: Alaska" between 2018 and 2020 when she was wishing she had more downtime as part of Parker Schnabel's team.

All the same, Harrison did have a few more points of consideration for fans who were thinking of making "Gold Rush" into a career path instead of just an addictive watch. "Number one would be your lifestyle. Can you handle being away from friends and family for six to seven months, and can you live without the amenities of a city?" she asked.

Bree Harrison cautions fans to know what they're getting into

While Bree Harrison was quick to offer succinct advice to the viewer and prospective miner, she also reiterated what she enjoyed about the job. "If you love nature and outdoor activities, awesome meals, and being around like-minded people, you'll enjoy it," Harrison said. "I love it up there."

Still, Harrison was adamant that working in a mine is a long term deal and comes with its own baggage. "It's difficult when you have a family back home or a house to maintain," she went on. "Another big thing would be whether or not you're an agreeable enough person to live and work with the same people for that long. You don't get to go home and escape whatever is bothering you."

As anyone who has worked in trades, construction, or heavy labor will tell you, there are some really tough folks to work with in those industries, and concerning Harrison's points, this might be the most vital one for fans of "Gold Rush" to ruminate on before they take the plunge. Either way, with Harrison having left the series in Season 10, fans will have to go to someone else if they want the latest intel on joining up with the crews up north.