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Gold Rush's Bree Harrison Cites The Lack Of Downtime As Her Least Favorite Part Of Being A Miner

Living in the Yukon while mining isn't easy, as Bree Harrison of "Gold Rush" fame can attest to. When a Redditor asked if it was a good idea to relocate to the nearby area of British Columbia, Harrison advised against it, saying that the rental prices were too high and that most rentals get turned into Airbnbs for tourists for part of the year.

On top of that, there's not much to do up in the Yukon — Harrison revealed in another Reddit comment that there's a "brutal" cap on satellite internet that runs out very quickly in each monthly cycle. The miners are forced to come up with their own ways to entertain themselves, such as playing pranks on each other. One example of this is Chris Doumitt painting an old fishing weight gold and tricking someone into believing it was real gold. In another Reddit thread, Harrison revealed that she was in on this joke and that it's what they do to fend off boredom six months of the year.

The bright side of not having anything to do is that there's no time to do it anyway, as Harrison has said that the lack of downtime on the job is her least favorite part about it.

There's no time to do anything after work except sleep

In a Reddit AMA, u/17217 asked Bree Harrison what her least favorite part of the job was, and she cited the lack of downtime. "I would happily work 12 hours a day if there were more hours in a day," Harrison responded. "I don't like how there's no time left after work to do much other than have dinner and go to bed. You can only do so many nights of less than 6 hours of sleep before it starts to affect you badly." So it would seem that the crew is left with little time to even get some sleep at the end of the day before they have to turn around and head back to the mining site. Still, Harrison has some time to herself, even if it's not very much.

In a 2020 AMA thread in the r/goldrush subreddit, Harrison was asked what she does in her downtime, and her answer was unsurprising given her image on the show. She said: "I go hiking, paddleboarding, work on my truck, adventure with my dogs." It would also seem that most of the crew's personal time comes in the off-season. In another AMA thread, this one with Harrison's boss Parker Schnabel, Schnabel was asked what he does in his free time and he talked about how he loves to go to London and hang with the film crew while they're editing the show. So, apparently, as hectic as the mining season can get, the off-season can be a little bit more relaxed.