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Joe Minoso Said A Pivotal Chloe Scene On Chicago Fire Was Extremely Challenging

It's no surprise that Joe Minoso, who plays Joe Cruz on "Chicago Fire," found it extremely challenging to shoot a scene that revolved around his on-screen love interest, Chloe (Kristen Gutoskie) being involved in a serious car accident. Of course, fans may assume that challenge came from the emotional connection the two had developed working together. Surely that is a factor, but Minoso explained to Tell Tale TV that the main challenge actually came from the logistics of filming the Season 7 sequence, as it required a specific technique that gives viewers a more intense, in-the-moment feel. This technique, referred to as a "oner," requires the cast and crew to film a complex sequence from start to finish without stopping. 

When a director attempts a one-shot scene, one mistake can derail an entire day. Despite the filming of a major multi-car pile up (which included Chloe's vehicle) being highly emotional and intense, Minoso explained that it was also thrilling. "The thing that really excited me the most was when I found out how we were gonna go about filming the sequence where we actually find her in the accident," he said. "It was a very long one-shot sequence that was choreographed from top to bottom, including all of the actors from the show. It was really a beautiful dance." 

This dramatic scene's intricacy effectively roped in home viewers, as the final product turned out to be a success. "It's one of the most exciting things I think we've done in our entire series," Minoso declared.

The sequence required Minoso to go in and out of character

When looking back at what ended up being the fall finale of "Chicago Fire" Season 7, the one-shot car accident sequence stands out as the episode's most heart-pumping moment. Joe Minoso's Joe Cruz arrives at the chaotic scene to find many wrecked cars spread out across the road. The camera follows Cruz as he runs from one car to the other, looking for his girlfriend, Chloe, who he believes has been involved in the pile-up. Eventually, he gets to her car only to find Chloe badly injured and unconscious. That's when Cruz's fellow heroes step in to rescue her, knowing he's too emotionally connected to properly handle the situation. For Minoso, the biggest challenge from this "oner" shot was having to go in an out of character to get into position.

During the choreographed sequence, the camera was not always on Minoso, as he needed to be in a certain spot at a certain time. "Doing a oner with a steady cam of that length requires you coming in and out of performance at a moment's notice because you have to move around the corner and wait for the camera to find you, and then get back into the moment and then do your scene," he explained. 

But as challenging as this was, that doesn't mean the talented actor didn't enjoy filming the sequence. "Then when the camera's off, you set yourself up five feet away under this thing so they can catch you when they come around after dealing with five other actors," Minoso said. "That in and of itself was so exciting, quite honestly."