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Every Impractical Jokers Turn In The Name Game Ranked

Of all the hilarious pranks and jokes on TruTv's "Impractical Jokers," the ones that involve the hosts trying to keep a straight face and stop themselves from laughing are undoubtedly some of the best. Watching them squirm and fidget trying to not crack up is sometimes just as funny as the pranks or skits themselves. The hosts — James "Murr" Murray, Sal Vulcano, Brian "Q" Quinn, and previously Joe Gatto — are known for their funny bones, and it is priceless watching them try to cover them up.

For many longtime fans of the show, one of the best pranks from "Impractical Jokers" is the Name Game, later known as Cranjis McBasketball. The joke is that while the guys are pretending to be receptionists at various offices, they are given a list of gag names to call out to the lobby. Whoever laughs the most when saying the names is the loser, making for some classic "Impractical Jokers" moments.

The game made an appearance once per season from Seasons 5 through 9, and each joker got their chance to take a turn, making for 20 turns in all. All of them are side-splittingly hilarious, but some are still unquestionably more hectic and chaotic than others. This is every Impractical Jokers' turn in the Name Game ranked.

20. Urine Trouble: Q

For the Season 8 edition of the Name Game during the "Urine Trouble" episode, Brian "Q" Quinn's turn is very memorable. His first name is "Uma Thermos," but he is able to contain a smirk. He quickly laughs at "Uncle Ratfoot," and the lobby is already catching onto the gag. The next one up, "Doreen Kindasmells," gets laughs from both Q and those in the lobby. He cracks up trying to say "Gucci Membrane," and he surmises the next name "Bunt Klut" must be of Eastern European origin.

The next name is maybe the most unbelievable, "Beverly HillsCop II," and even the guys in the booth can barely contain how hard they are laughing. He actually manages to make it through the final name on the list, which is the equally unlikely "Egyptian Diplomat Amber Slides." For the most part, these names are actually pretty tame compared to some of the more crazy ones in the series. Still, having to ask for Doreen and Mr. Membrane with a straight face are pretty tough tasks, which Q completely fails.

19. Browbeaten: Joe

Joe Gatto's first attempt at playing the game from the "Browbeaten" episode in Season 5 is a very admirable beginning to the prank. His first name is "Simmy Kantstandyourbitz," which is soon followed by "Wandamian Crucifixplate" and "Denise Fat." Joe is able to keep a straight face through all of them, and the people in the lobby start catching on pretty quickly that these names don't appear to be real. Joe opines that maybe he's just mispronouncing them, before launching into "Jury Prosciutto" and "Rickyticky Bobbywobbin."

Eventually, a woman actually walks up to the desk and tells him to call upstairs because all of the names are clearly wrong, to which Joe responds with "Avocardo F****?" It's not until he realizes he has to say the final name, "David Krappenschitz," that he finally breaks and starts to giggle for the first time. The rest of the lobby also loses it at that point, with just about everyone bursting into laughter. It is a great start to the Name Game for Joe, but his appearances get so much better down the line.

18. Bleach for America: Murr

James "Murr" Murray's Season 9 appearance during the "Bleach for America" episode was hilarious, if not just for his over-the-top dress. Murr, wearing a full black suit with a bright red tie, can't even make it through the first name, the relatively normal "Luke Johnson," without already getting a strike. (It's quickly revealed that Luke is actually the name of a former friend of his who had crashed his wedding.) Admirably, though, Murr makes it through "Vladimir Ploppers" and "Macadamia Butt," but he can't get through the variation of "Mac-butt Pro" without grinning.

He manages to not laugh at "Mortimer Pinkett-Smith," though he covers a smile, but he does laugh for "Monsieur Jumblies," which prompts one of the women in the waiting room to also start laughing and ask where these names were coming from. He points to one of the other women in the waiting room when he says "Shirley Itsaboobjob," but she shakes her head no, looking a bit annoyed.

Murr calls upstairs to talk to "Troy," though the guys point out from the booth that he never dialed any numbers and picked up the phone like it was a walkie-talkie. The remaining names that Murr laughs at are "Slick Deuceman, Attorney-at-Law" and "Albie Darforyu," with him again pointing out a person in the lobby asking him, "You're the Deuceman, no?" It's definitely a memorable turn from Murr, though he does laugh at just about every name on the list.

17. Bull Shiatsu: Sal

Sal Vulcano's turn during Season 7's "Bull Shiatsu" episode was a classic example of how outrageous the game could get. The first name he has to say is the improbable "Juanita Indacaboosa," which he barely makes it through. Next up is "Daniel Picnic Handsomes, U.S. Coast Guard," which Sal again is somehow able to say without laughing. However, "Heimlich Manure" proves too much, and he has to fake a call upstairs to inform them how stupid he thinks the name is. He also laughs at "Eetwont Flush," and implores the members in the lobby to really make sure they are not hearing their names.

Sal also makes it through "Son Ambulance" and "Ita Dapeeza" but bursts out in full laughter when he has to ask if "Faith B****" is in the lobby, which even those waiting think is funny, too. He once again can't contain himself and has to briefly cover his face before reluctantly saying "Ol' Fashioned Handy" as the next name. In all, Sal ends up laughing at four names during his turn, which is pretty good considering some of the absolutely outrageous ones he had to say first. It's definitely a memorable turn from Sal, but it's far from his greatest — as we'll see later.

16. Browbeaten: Murr

James "Murr" Murray is usually one of the worst at trying to keep a straight face during the Name Game, and his first attempt during the Season 5 episode "Browbeaten" is not one of his better performances. Who can blame him, though, considering the ridiculous list of names he's forced to say? He doesn't laugh during "Stevia Flunt" and even manages to make it through "Cumby O'Boombox," but his luck soon runs out.

As soon as he looks at "Enya Mouthhole," he loses it, and he barely gets "Taint Nuffum" out before collapsing into laughter. He also chuckles at "U'nique Areola," and he offers a few different pronunciations just to make sure he is getting it right. The next name, "Melba Moses Wolfenstein," is one of the most outrageous in the game, and Murr is practically banging his head on the table after trying to get it out.

His final name is "Kiwi Frankencop," which leaves him — and practically the entire lobby — in stitches. After Kiwi, with six laughs already on the books, the guys mercifully end Murr's turn. It's a hilarious performance from Murr, though he was given a seemingly impossible list of names for his first try.

15. Urine Trouble: Sal

Beginning the Top 15 is Sal Vulcano's turn from Season 8's "Urine Trouble." You know it's going to be funny when Sal starts laughing hysterically before he can even get the first name out. He makes a fake phone call to the guys, saying that he is struggling to keep a straight face even at the normal names, and he's already down 0-1 before he even has a chance to try the first one. He is able to say "Frank Sampson" pretty easily, but just looking at "Melt Gibsont" is enough to elicit a laugh.

The next name, "Rodrigo Astroturd," once again causes Sal to lose it as he gets it out. He has to take a series of deep breaths before even trying to say "Giuseppe Gottabigdong," which he only makes worse by repeatedly saying the last name in an effort to clarify. He then asks, "Anyone gottabigdongy?" Finally, he launches into "Joaquin Baloney" and "Christine Christina Whichizzit."

His final name is "Dr. Duckd***," which he is able to make it through without any problems. In all, Sal only laughs at Rodrigo, Giuseppe, and Joaquin, making it a pretty successful attempt and definitely worthy of the Top 15.

14. Bleach for America: Joe

Joe Gatto's turn doing the Name Game during the Season 9 episode "Bleach for America" is an instant classic. After enduring a few minutes of ridicule from the guys in the booth about his male pattern baldness, Joe is able to start his turn by asking if there is a "Hung Miner" in the lobby. He makes it through and doesn't break either for "P.P. Balloons," "Blo Fongool," and "Grandfather Flesh."

He makes a bit of a smirk before saying "Smallmedium Fat" and eventually starts chuckling a bit afterward. He again laughs at "Lassassa Sassassa Shingots," which he repeats several times even though it is quite a tongue-twister. He briefly breaks before saying "Mutha****** Doug White," which causes the guys in the booth and the rest of the people in the lobby to start cracking up.

Joe is usually one of the better ones at keeping a straight face, and his turn during this Name Game appearance is a pretty good indication of that. Most people would definitely not be able to ask if "Mutha****** Doug White" or a "Hung Miner" are waiting in line, but Joe is able to do it pretty easily, making this episode an easy choice for our Top 14.

13. Bull Shiatsu: Q

When Brian "Q" Quinn begins his turn for the Name Game on Season 7's "Bull Shiatsu," he knows it will be so bad that he hesitates even to open the binder of names. He is instantly proven right when his first name is "Earl Turlet." Q grits his teeth but can't stop himself from laughing. He starts smiling even reading "Thighs McPartland," though he is able to avoid a full-blown laugh. He also keeps a straight face for "Flo Job," but cannot make it through "Keratine Treatmentz," the name of which also brings some lighthearted ridicule from a lobby guest.

He is able to say "Corky Marinara" without a hassle, even if it does cause some laughter in the lobby, and somehow makes it through "Jitzwad Gumlord." The next name though, "Freddurst Edgebono" — a conglomeration of rockstars Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit and Bono and the Edge from U2 — makes him break. As does his paging "Professor Milk D***, Ph.D." — one of the most outrageous names of the episode.

Usually, Q does a pretty good job of keeping a straight face, but some of these names are just too much and would have made any of the jokers laugh. I mean ... "Freddurst Edgebono" and "Dr. Milk D***, Ph.D." ... they would have no chance.

12. Bull Shiatsu: Murr

When James "Murr" Murray did the Name Game for Season 7's "Bull Shiatsu," most people were probably expecting him to break pretty quickly. However, Murr ended up turning in one of his better performances during this episode, only breaking for three names. His turn begins with "Oprahs," which he easily gets through without even a grin. He doesn't laugh at "Mort Spandex" either, and shockingly "Goose Boils" proves no match for him. He doesn't laugh until the incredibly unlikely "Cleo Dookieslide" comes up.

He also breaks for "Hercules Balls" and tells a random Mr. Balls in the audience to go into the room. A woman actually responds to the next name "Tristin Mays" and walks back before an exasperated Murr just starts listing off the remaining names of "Jergens Turdley" and "Fudgy Perks" and assigning them to random lobby members. He finally slumps back into his chair after the lobby has cleared, exclaiming that his head is spinning from all of the chaos.

Murr more than holds his own having to read from a list that includes some pretty outrageous and questionable names. It might not have been his best performance, but it is definitely worthy of being just outside of the Top 10.

11. Footlose: Q

The Season 6 episode "Footlose" has some of the best Name Game moments in the entire series, and Brian "Q" Quinn's turn is particularly funny. He starts out with a bang with the names "Stunk Beagle" and "Irish O'African," which gets Q to smile but not actually laugh. He does, however, snort before saying the hilarious "Cowabunga Peppermill" before the guys bring back an old favorite from the past with "Simmy Kantstandyourbitz Jr."

The name "Henny Cabbagehead" gets laughs from the audience instead of Q, and the same is true of "Guy Hutookatit." However, "Sharty Waffles" and "Secret Agent Randy Beans" both trip him up, and he breaks out laughing. Q also cannot handle "Imafraid Jumitebeeinnagang," which gets some great reactions from guests in the lobby, who can't figure out what's going on with the bizarre names.

Incredibly, Q manages to only laugh at three of the eight ridiculous names, making for a very good showing. He is typically one of the better jokers when it comes to keeping a poker face during tough situations, and this time, that skill definitely helped him out. He broke a few times, but who can honestly say "Cowabunga Peppermill" or "Sharty Waffles" to a crowded room of strangers without at least laughing a little bit?

10. Footlose: Murr

Beginning the Top 10 is James "Murr" Murray's turn during the "Footlose" episode of Season 6. Murr's turn already starts on a hilarious note, with him miming typing on a keyboard for a computer that isn't even turned on. Though he starts smirking, Murr is able to deliver the first name, "Diddy Doodat," without any problem, but when he tries to get out "Cleavage McNamara," he can't stop himself from breaking down and laughing a little bit.

He surprisingly doesn't have a problem with the highly inappropriate "Queen Skeet," nor with the equally ridiculous "Yanni Van Halen." He manages somehow to get "Colonel Indiana Longnuts" out without more than just a smile, but once again, Murr is undone. "Jabreakit Jubawdit" proves to be too much. His next name, "Gregory Poopsicle," is also pretty much impossible to say with a totally straight face, and even the lobby is cracking up at this point, too.

During his turn, Murr constantly fakes calls up to the head office, trying to tell them repeatedly that it's the wrong group, in an effort to try and save some face in front of the bewildered lobby. His strategy of sounding exasperated ends up paying off for him though, as he only laughs at fewer than half of the names. It's a very good showing, especially for Murr.

9. Browbeaten: Sal

The "Browbeaten" episode from Season 5 is the first time the jokers played the Name Game, and Sal Vulcano's inaugural turn is absolutely hilarious. The first name isn't really too bad — "Dill Funk" sounds more like an unfortunate ailment than anything else. Things start to take a left turn, though, with "Minty Cherubandtug" and "Mary Beth Bethbeth," but it's not enough to phase Sal. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for "Helena Bottom-Farter," a play on the name of the famous British actress Helena Bonham-Carter.

Sal smirks but doesn't break for "Beefy McWhatnow," which prompts a surprised "Oh my God!" from a lobby guest. He can't make it through "Tammy Bundleballs" without laughing a little, but he does say "Captain Melvin Seahorse" with just a grin and no audible laugh. With the lobby just waiting for the next absurd name to come up, Sal actually has to compose himself for a few seconds before saying the next name, "Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico."

The entire lobby starts laughing, and even Sal starts covering his face in laughter after hearing the name out loud. Luckily, that is the last name that he has to say, making for a pretty good turn in all. Just the name "Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico" makes this Name Game turn worthy of a Top 10 finish, and everything else just pushes it over the top.

8. Footlose: Joe

For Joe Gatto's Name Game appearance during the "Footlose" episode from Season 6, expectations were already pretty high, considering he only laughed one time during his first appearance in the season prior. Once again, Joe does not disappoint, laughing at only two of the twisted names he's given. The guys don't go easy on him either, with his first name being the formidable "Glagadeen Capisce." He is able to easily make it past that one and "Minty Hummer," and even "Church Pewpewpew" and "Coolie Whistles" don't present much of a challenge either.

He makes it through "Lumpy Dumper" without even so much as a smile, but he finally starts to chuckle when he has to say "Fidelroyolanda Smackonmytiddyboosters III," which frankly doesn't even seem fair. Joe acknowledges as much when he gives the guys a not-so-discreet expletive-filled message on a pad of paper he shows to the camera. Even the lobby guests can't help themselves from breaking out laughing at the name, either. He gives a brief snort before saying "Disfatt Bidge," which once again even causes the lobby to crack up, too.

His final name is "Uncle Boobs," which the guys think will break him, but he manages to get through the last name without a problem. The guys fall over laughing when they hear him saying the name, and the lobby guests laugh almost as much as they do. Joe, however, emerges victorious, with only two laughs this round.

7. Bleach for America: Q

For Brian "Q" Quinn's turn during the "Bleach for America" episode from Season 9, he gets some of the most memorable names in the history of the Name Game. His first one isn't easy — "Johnny Calabash" — but he manages to get through it without any issues. The next name is "Raylee Ota," a play on actor Ray Liotta's name. He barely smiles but is otherwise able to get through it. "Toodles Valentine" does not present a problem, but "Buffalo Childrens" trips him up — and how could it not?

He directly points to a lobby guest and asks, "Lisa, Forgettable Lisa?" to which she declines. He laughs before trying to say "Alpha Noogiepuss," and he can't make it through "Beefies Candelabra" without a giggle either. He then acknowledges to everyone that it would probably be easier and more efficient for him just to ask everyone in the lobby what their name is so he can match it against the list, but he decides to keep listing names.

The next name is "Karen Whiteb****," which makes a woman in the lobby laugh hysterically but doesn't seem to really affect Q. The Impractical Joker then says his penultimate name, "The One-and-Only Egg Montoya," which manages to get a response from a lobby guest who somehow actually has the nickname of Egg Montoya. The final name, "Humjob, Texas Ranger," also gets a laugh from Q as his turn finally comes to an end.

6. Bull Shiatsu: Joe

Joe Gatto's appearance during the "Bull Shiatsu" episode of Season 7 is definitely one of his top turns ever. Joe is usually known as one of the toughest jokers to crack during the Name Game, but during this episode, the guys finally get to him pretty good. The first name up is "Remo Gatto," which turns out to be the name of Joe's newborn son. He laughs at "Dusty Scarole" and smiles during "High Priestess Gabagool," but he makes it through otherwise.

He can't even read "Aunt Tim" without grinning and is able at first to say "Damm Shawty" — which he repeats multiple times for emphasis — without anything, but he gets a strike for a brief giggle afterward. The name "Bicurious George" gets the lobby in on the laughter, with "D*** Dump" and "A. Long Squirtz" both making Joe break out.

Overall, Joe's performance during the "Bull Shiatsu" episode is pretty good, and the names are absolutely hilarious. This turn marks the most times Joe breaks of any Name Game episode, and it's not too hard to see why. With names like "D*** Dump" and "Dusty Scarole," there's no way he would have made it through them all without laughing, though he gives a valiant effort.

5. Footlose: Sal

To begin our Top 5, we start with Sal Vulcano's turn from the Season 6 episode "Footlose." Trying to look busy when the people begin filtering into the lobby, Sal mistakenly grabs at a stapler and starts using it like a computer mouse, which prompts Brian "Q" Quinn to joke that he is "pretty but stupid." As usual, Sal is already laughing before he can even say the first name, which turns out to be "Nabi Cankles." He does not laugh during "Reverend Donk Bonkers" or "Real Hefty Trout," and he surprisingly also makes it through "Eyeluvver Butterdogsheds."

The next name is "Jerry Seinfeld" — literally just the famous comedian's name — and Sal holds up his paper with the name on it to prove it's real. At that point, a man in the lobby walks up to Sal at the desk to ask him about his appointment, prompting Sal to ask if he's "Mark-pat Joe-Bill Dinosaur," to which the man declines. Then, in another Seinfeld-related name, he says "Wasda Deelwifkramer," which prompts gasps and chuckles from the lobby guests.

Still only at one laugh, Sal breaks down before saying "Hufokkin Tonight," and he then asks if there is "anyone Hufokkin Tonight." He almost starts crying before saying "Mother Coconuts," which again makes several in the lobby break out laughing. It is certainly one of Sal's more memorable turns, and for the lunacy of some of the names and Sal's gaffes, it definitely needs to be in the Top 5.

4. Bleach for America: Sal

For Sal Vulcano's top Name Game turn, we look at his performance from the Season 9 episode "Bleach For America." By this point, the guys are all pretty seasoned veterans. Everyone expects Sal to struggle with the names as he has in the past, and the guys are not disappointed. The first name is the relatively mild "Tina Melt," which Sal does without a problem. He also gets through "Noice Pahnts" without laughing, but he stumbles when it comes to "Coach Grapefruit."

The next name he has to say is the exceedingly creepy "Mrs. Skinbag," and at this point, people in the lobby are openly questioning where the names are coming from. The guys got creative with his next names, "Varmint O'Einstein" and "Gnarly Ratsack," the latter of which causes Sal — and most of the lobby — to burst out laughing. He makes a fake call upstairs to Troy, hoping to get some better names, but comes back with "Pope Lips."

His final laugh comes from "Sgunnt Funkster, Duchess of Sussex," which would be an amazing title for a royal if it weren't so horribly fake. "Bleach for America" is Sal's best turn, and his performance saying such outlandish names is hilarious. I mean, really ... "Sgunnt Funkster, Duchess of Sussex" and "Varmint O'Einstein" are some of the best names the guys have come up with.

3. Browbeaten: Q

Brian "Q" Quinn's best turn on the Name Game occurs during his first attempt, from the Season 5 episode "Browbeaten." His first name is the interesting "Hungary Denk," which soon makes way for "Count Ravioli" — potentially one of the best names in the entire series. And if those two aren't good enough, soon Q starts asking for "Dusty Shidiz," "Rachel RaHubbahubba," and "Tammy Shehole." Q laughs at the Count and "Tammy," but the folks in the lobby are just plain confused. Next up is the odious "Moist Kite," which begins to amuse some of the audience members.

Following those is the gem "Chug-Chug Pickles," which brings even more reactions from the lobby. Still, those all pale in comparison with "Darcy O'Queef," which winds up being Q's final name. Of all the names, Q only manages to laugh at "Count Ravioli," "Tammy Shehole," "Chug-Chug Pickles," and "Darcy O'Queef." While 4 out of 8 is not exactly great, considering the list of names he's given, that's actually a pretty big accomplishment.

"Browbeaten" marks Q's best turn not just because of how outrageous the names are, but even the guys in the booth can't stop from cracking up. Sal Vulcano even falls over when "Darcy O'Queef" comes out, pulling down Joe Gatto with him. 

2. Urine Trouble: Murr

James "Murr" Murray's best turn on the Name Game comes during the Season 8 episode "Urine Trouble." Starting off his list is the relatively benign "Pamela Anderson Cooper," and next up was "Don Day Elbaño" — neither of which can get Murr to break, much to Joe Gatto's surprise. Murr giggles before being able to say "Prakash Indeep Doo-Doo" — not surprisingly — but is able to get through it otherwise. The next name, "Jacquette Sparkles," hilariously prompts one of the guests in the lobby, who happens to be wearing a jacket covered with glitter, to ask if Murr is giving him a nickname.

After a comical back and forth between Murr and Daniel, the jacket-wearing guest, the next name Murr has to say is "Detective Bluto Mindpretzel," which he obviously can't say with a straight face. Once again, Daniel enters the conversation asking Murr if he realizes none of the names on his "dumb list" are correct, to which Murr responds by asking "Sparkles" to "settle down."

The next name might be the best of the episode with "Chinese Name," which even causes Brian "Q" Quinn to spit out his drink in the booth when he hears Murr say it. Murr finally sends Daniel back, correctly or not, and his turn finally ends. These names are some of the most ridiculous in the entire series, and they definitely push Murr's turn into the Top 2.

1. Urine Trouble: Joe

Coming in at No. 1 on the list of top "Impractical Jokers" Name Game turns is Joe Gatto's turn from the Season 8 episode "Urine Trouble." He knows he's in for a rough ride from the very first name. He starts off with "Bette Diddler," a play on the name of legendary actress Bette Midler, which is followed by the equally weird "Dooblus Dooizfour." Nevertheless, a resolute Joe bends but doesn't actually break. He breaks during "Gal Godonut," a play on another famous Hollywood actress, Gal Godot. He struggles to pronounce "Mike B. DeCarburetor" but makes it through without laughing.

It takes a few seconds before Joe is able to get "Jarnathan Tootha**" out. Same with "Big Pittsohio." He laughs briefly at "Butch A.F.," which also brings some smiles from the lobby guests. He can't make it through "Holden Afart" either and has to snort, and then he proceeds to ask various people in the lobby if they are "Holden Afart?" In all, Joe only cracks at three of the names — "Gal Godonut," "Butch A.F.," and "Holden Afart" — which is not bad considering the wacky list he'd been given.