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30 Best Impractical Jokers Pranks Ranked

Since its debut in 2011, "Impractical Jokers" has been one of the top improvisational comedy shows on TV. It features a cast made up of lifelong friends Brian "Q" Quinn, Sal Vulcano, and James "Murr" Murray, and also featured Joe Gatto until his departure in 2021. There have been nine seasons so far and a full-length feature film was released in 2020. In 2021, "Impractical Jokers" won the MTV Movie + TV award for Best Comedy/Game Show (via IMDb). Though some people have speculated that the show is scripted, the hosts have confirmed that it is all real.

The premise of the show revolves around the hosts competing against each other in a series of challenges involving unsuspecting members of the public, which are all caught on a hidden camera. Whoever has the most losses at the end of the show has to perform a punishment concocted by the other hosts. Since they are all lifelong friends, they each know the best ways to mess with each other, though some of their punishments come off as a little cringeworthy at times.

Over nine seasons, the guys have pulled hundreds and hundreds of pranks and ensnared countless victims. Here are the 30 best "Impractical Jokers" pranks to date, ranked.

30. Catastrophe

If you've watched "Impractical Jokers" for any period of time, you know how much Sal dislikes cats. The other hosts constantly use this to their advantage, making Sal do things involving felines whenever they can. One of their best pranks on Sal involving cats was his punishment from "Catastrophe" (Season 6, Episode 4). During the previous episode, Sal had forced Q to confront his fear of tarantulas, so for "Catastrophe," Q gets some quick revenge.

The guys tie up Sal's hands and feet and make him lie on his back in the middle of an enclosed box. Then they deliver three rounds of terrifying punishment in the form of adorable cats being placed on his chest. The first round involves kittens, and Sal is immediately uncomfortable and struggles to control himself. The second round consists of adult cats, which almost reduces Sal to the point of tears. They end up putting five cats in the box with Sal as he squirms in discomfort.

For round three, they start putting food all over Sal and pretend a big cat is going to come out, but instead it turns out to just be someone in an adult cat costume –- who then proceeds to cuddle with a defenseless Sal. The skit is a top prank for a ton of reasons, not least of which is seeing Sal writhe in fear of a kitten barely a few months old.

29. Line Jumpers

During the episode "Drawing a Blank" (Season 1, Episode 5), the guys find themselves with one of the more difficult challenges of the season. They each have to try and cut a massive line of people buying tickets to a Broadway show. Whoever gets the least far loses the challenge. 

Joe tries to advance through the line by constantly shouting for his friend Larry, who is apparently upstream somewhere. Joe actually gets pretty far up the line before security busts him trying to settle in. Murr's tactic is to act like he's taking pictures of parts of the skyline while he advances, but that only works for  a bit before he gets busted, too. Sal does the worst out of the group, as he tries to cut in line and act oblivious — which fails instantly.

The only one to make it through successfully is Q, who has by far the most simple plan of the group. He simply walks right up to the box office, telling everyone "I don't wait on lines," and purchases his tickets without incident. The guys are shocked that his brazen tactic works, but are forced to accept it. The best part of the prank is Joe's incessant yelling for the fictional Larry, which both amuses and confounds the other people in line. Joe's Larry soundbites have since become huge memes for the show, solidifying "Line Jumpers" as a top prank. 

28. Control Freaks

For the fourth challenge in "Charity Case" (Season 1, Episode 14 ), the guys find themselves in the park with a small toy RC car. The challenge has one of the guys at a time stand in the middle of the park pretending to drive the RC car. However, the car is really being controlled by one of the other hosts, who proceed to drive it as poorly and annoyingly as possible. The challenge for the guys is they can't apologize or say sorry for any of the car's actions.

First up are Q and Murr, and while Q is a success, Murr caves pretty quickly. Joe's turn involves a bride getting run over, but she doesn't raise a fuss and Joe succeeds. Sal is on the clock next, and his turn is the best. Joe is controlling the RC car, and he starts repeatedly running into the same woman. After a few bumps, she starts to get fed up, and warns Sal if he does it again she'll throw it in the park fountain. Joe, being Joe, rams her again and causes her to make good on her threat.

The challenge is over, but Sal gets a pass because he never ends up apologizing. While it would have been funny to see Q and Joe's attempts, the woman throwing the RC in the fountain was still pretty hilarious. It was one of the best fan interactions on the show, making it a top prank for the series.

27. Toasted

As his punishment for losing "Toasted" (Season 3, Episode 6), Sal was forced to give one of the most painfully awkward best-man speeches of all time. The only person who did not have a hand in writing the speech was Sal, as the other guys took the liberty of crafting one for him beforehand. Sal had to recite the speech line for line, no matter what horrible things were in it.

Though Sal didn't realize it, the bride and groom were actually in on the prank, though none of the more than 300 wedding guests were. As soon as he finds out what he has to do Sal is visibly nervous, and he starts sweating bullets while waiting during the reception. His timidity is clear from the shakiness of his voice, and the contents of his speech don't make it any easier. After having to admit he had sought out pictures of the bride wearing a bikini — and then sold the pictures to prison inmates — he proceeds to call both the mother-in-laws "the devil."

Sal has to end the speech by giving bad advice from his war veteran father before informing the crowd he had in fact slept with the bride previously. The reactions of the wedding guests are amazing, and one of them almost tries to stop Sal from finishing the speech. It's not too often the show pranks 300 people at a time. 

26. Flatliners

For "Bellydancer" (Season 1, Episode 13), the guys take turns at being CPR instructors even though they have no actual experience with or knowledge of CPR. The challenge is the guys have to say whatever the other hosts tell them. Joe has to come up with medical terms on the fly, which he does by calling various body parts the "Nissan Maximus," "Nissan Altimas," "Nissan Sentras," "Pathfinders," and the "Regis Philbin." He starts screaming at the CPR dummy to "stay away from the light" and bangs on the table while the students frantically try and perform CPR. However, Joe loses when he declines to say a raunchy line to his female student.

The most memorable CPR teacher was Sal. He starts by instructing the students to repeatedly ask the dummy they are using "Are you choking? Are you choking?" Then, he gives the students the most crucial advice he has: Before performing CPR, they should always first determine whether or not the person is too gross to touch. Sal then checks the dummy — which only consists of a torso — to determine if it is a boy or a girl, much to the confusion of his students.

Sal's attempt at instructing the students is by far one of the funniest teacher moments on the show, and his ability to keep a straight face is incredible.

25. The Dream Crusher

For losing the episode "The Dream Crusher" (Season 4, Episode 9), Sal's punishment is that he has to judge a children's talent show and be incredibly harsh to the kid performers. While the kids are informed beforehand that Sal is joking, none of the parents in the audience are in on the joke, making their reactions some of the best in the entire series.

Sal starts his judging by shouting about his missing order of chicken wings during the first performance, which brings grimaces and shock to the audience members' faces. He then informs the contestant that his lack of chicken wings distracted him during her performance, and admits to the audience how hard it is for him to sit through a kid's talent show — with "talent show" in air quotes. The guys then make him open a bag of potato chips during the next performance, deliberately ruffling the bag into the mic to make as much noise as possible.

His criticism of the adolescent performer is that they were "good, not great," which again brings shocked expressions from the parents. The last contestant is a martial arts performer. Directly after he finishes, Sal gets onstage and challenges the young man to a fight. The kid tells him he would win. Thankfully, the talent show and Sal's punishment mercifully end.   

24. Guilty as Charged

For Q's punishment in "Guilty as Charged" (Season 7, Episode 2), he has to work as a doorman at a local club collecting cover charges. Everything seems to be going fine and all of the patrons give him money. Q seems confused as to what his punishment actually is at first. However, the guys quickly reveal to the audience the real prank — there is no cover charge.

After the bar fills up, the guys take Q's bag with the collected money and send him back in to watch the show and start buying drinks. After a few minutes, one of the band members gets onstage and makes an announcement, telling the audience there was no cover charge and they have no idea who was collecting money at the front door. Q immediately realizes his predicament as angry bar patrons soon swarm him demanding refunds. Having had all of his money taken by the guys before he went back in, Q has to make his way over to the bar amidst a sea of upset and intoxicated people.

Q finally gets his bag of money back, but with one catch — it's all in change. He then has to count out everyone's refund, which only upsets them more when they get a handful of quarters instead of a bill. The unsuspecting bar-goers' reactions and watching Q squirm make this one of the best "Impractical Jokers" punishments ever, though Q might disagree.

23. Keep the Change II

Through the many seasons of "Impractical Jokers," the guys have worked at a variety of different stores and restaurants. Fans of the show likely remember their various stints at White Castle, which made several appearances over the years. One of the most memorable White Castle pranks was the very first one they ever did, in the premiere of the series "Pay It Forward." The challenge was for the guys to get a tip while acting as cashiers and doing everything they are told.

First up was Q. As soon as he took the first customer's order the guys told him to hold up the customer's $20 bill and then freeze. Unsure of what's happening, the guy nervously starts explaining where he got the bill from, before the two of them both stare at each other in silence. For almost five full excruciating minutes, Q stands there holding up the bill with no expression on his face.

Finally, Q unfreezes, then finishes the transaction like nothing happened. The customer doesn't seem to take much notice and he ends up leaving a tip. Q is able to pull it off due to his incredible endurance. 

22. Quantum Mock-anics

When Joe got last place and lost "Quantum Mock-anics" (Season 3, Episode 20), you knew his punishment was going to be good, and boy did they deliver. The guys all take part on a scientific expert panel and make Joe pretend to be an "Associate Director of Quantum Mechanics." They themselves take titles ranging from "Professor of Robotics" to "Head of Drone Research." The prank is that while all four of them are up on the panel together, only Joe is required to answer any of the MC's questions.

Joe has to bumble his way through questions about prisms, the Planck constant, and superposition. It becomes clear instantly to everyone in the room that Joe has no idea what he's talking about, but that doesn't diminish his confidence at all. He talks in circles trying to explain "prism angles" and how the Planck constant has to do with the rotation of the earth (it doesn't).

He also explains to everyone the important part of quantum superposition is knowing when to use it, and that it is okay to be used in missile attacks but is not for tablets or in the app store. The audience picks up on the joke by the end, and everyone starts cracking up when Joe has to explain why he would rather "take it than leave it" with superposition, making this one of the most memorable "Impractical Jokers" punishments of all time.

21. The Permanent Punishments

It's not too often that the guys repeat punishments or challenges, but when they do, it usually pays off. That was definitely the case with Sal and his multiple tattoos of Jaden Smith. Most fans probably remember the famous punishment from "The Permanent Punishment" (Season 3, Episode 26). For that episode, Joe got to pick out tattoos for all of the other guys after they all lost the episode's competition. Undoubtedly, the worst was Sal, who had to get a picture of Jaden Smith's head tattooed on his thigh.

Immediately, you can tell how upset Sal is, and he starts yelling at Joe, while Joe is hysterically laughing. Murr reminds the group that "Jaden Smith cannot come between us." Sal storms away giving the guys double birds. But if Sal thought that was a one-time-only event, he was mistaken. 

During "Impractical Jokers: The Movie," the guys arranged for Jaden to help them prank Sal again. Sal has to go up onstage and profess his fandom for Jaden during an appearance of his, during which he tells Jaden he has another thigh available for an updated picture of him. Later that night, they all end up in the tattoo parlor, with Sal getting a new and improved Jaden tattoo. It was one of the best moments in the movie and one of the funniest punishments in the entire show.

20. Brother-in-Loss

It's no secret to fans of "Impractical Jokers" that host Sal is incredibly protective of his family and especially his sister, Jenna. So that made the punishment for "Brother-in-Loss" ( Season 3, Episode 32) all the better. As his punishment, Sal has to sit through a real wedding between his sister Jenna and Murr.

The guys, knowing Sal would strenuously object to anything involving a wedding and his sister, make sure to have special arrangements for the prank. First, they blindfold Sal, strap him to a dolly, and refuse to tell him what is going on or where he is going. They wheel Sal into the packed church and bring him to the altar in the place of a groomsman. They then take off Sal's blindfold, and he realizes he's front and center inside a full church and everyone is dressed for a wedding.

A few moments later, Jenna walks through the door and Sal finally realizes what's going on: Jenna and Murr are getting married. A brief video plays showing Murr and Jenna going to the courthouse and signing a marriage certificate to get legally married. Murr then takes "Sal's sister's" hand in marriage and they share their first kiss as husband and wife. Joe duct-tapes Sal's mouth so he's unable to protest the wedding. Sal's absolutely furious reaction makes the prank one of the best of all time and a definitely top 20 entry.

19. Look Out Below

The guys kicked off Season 3 of "Impractical Jokers" with a bang in the premiere "Look Out Below." This time, Murr was on the losing side of the episode, and his punishment was a doozy. Capitalizing on Murr's well-documented acrophobia, or fear of heights, the guys make Murr skydive out of an airplane.

At first, Murr doesn't realize what his punishment is; he thinks they're at the skydiving school to prank the students. However, while they are doing the introduction, the guys reveal to Murr the truth: They're all going up in the skydiving plane together, but only Murr will be jumping out. Murr instantly goes into a panic, ripping off his jumpsuit and locking himself in the production van. With some coaxing, the guys are able to lure him out of the van and into the plane, where he begrudgingly does the punishment.

While waiting on the plane to jump, Murr is almost reduced to tears out of being so terrified. Everything ends up okay and Murr lands without a hitch, but you can tell it was a very trying experience for him. For their part, the guys are dying with laughter seeing Murr squirm. This has since become one of the most notable punishments in the show's history, and it's referenced in several future episodes.

18. What's the Scoop

Some of the pranks on "Impractical Jokers" are more over the top than others, and there is no better example than the "What's the Scoop" prank from "Everything's Just Rosie" ( Season 2, Episode 22). For this challenge, the guys are all sent into a restaurant with a massive bowl of mashed potatoes, and whoever can successfully deliver the most scoops to the diners wins. None of the diners have ordered mashed potatoes, and the guys aren't even pretending to work in the restaurant; they're just some random people off the street with suspicious bowls of mashed potatoes.

Murr and Sal both do well and are able to deliver a few mashed potatoes before they get caught, but Q fails miserably when he delivers his entire bowl in one scoop to an unsuspecting patron. Not only is the customer mad, but Q misunderstood the challenge, thinking the point was to get rid of the mashed potatoes fastest instead of having the most scoops.

The best entry by far however was from Joe. Taking a completely different tack than the others, Joe comes up with a catchy jingle about "scoopsie po-tat-ohs" and "scoopsie potatoes," flinging potatoes around the tables while dancing like a buffoon. His idea pays off. He delivers far more scoops than anyone else and creates one of the all-time most memorable moments on the show.

17. Turning the Tables

Sometimes the guys have to do physical stunts as part of their pranks. One of the best was from "Turning the Tables" (Season 7, Episode 6), when Joe literally started breaking tables with his body in the middle of a restaurant. The gag was that Joe, in his punishment for losing, had to pretend to be a manager at a local restaurant while breaking eight of the restaurant tables people were eating at.

Half the tables were breakaway tables and half were regular tables, and Joe had no way to tell which was which. He just starts jumping on tables that people are eating at. While most of them break, a few of them do not, much to the shock and dismay of the paying customers. After successfully breaking a few of the tables, Joe is covered in food, alcohol, and soda, and it just gets worse and worse.

Eventually, Joe is able to find all of the tables and break them, with the finale involving him jumping off a conspicuously placed ladder (in the middle of the dining room) onto the final table, destroying it and sending food and drinks flying everywhere. It's definitely one of the messiest pranks the guys have done, and also one of the funniest.

16. Stockboy Shootout

The best pranks from "Impractical Jokers" involve unsuspecting patrons of stores and restaurants. One of the top interactive audience gags is the "Stockboy Shootout" from "Car Sick" (Season 4, Episode 12). The premise is the guys go to a local supermarket and designate a specific area as the "playing field." Whenever a shopper enters that area, two of the guys compete to throw the most rolls of toilet paper into their carts.

The shoppers are bewildered and have no idea what's going on, while the guys desperately start chucking rolls of toilet paper across the aisle into their carts. Surprisingly, none of the shoppers really push back and just let the guys do their thing, which only adds to the hilarity. The games get pretty intense between the guys, and some of the customers even join in on the fun and start helping them make their throws.

The prank was so good the first time that they repeated it for "Take Me Out at the Ballgame" (Season 6 Episode 23). It was just as funny the second time around, and some of the shoppers got even more enthusiastic.  

15. Like a Boss

It seems like Murr gets stuck with a lot of the worst punishments, and one of the most embarrassing for him was definitely from "Like a Boss" (Season 7, Episode 17). For his punishment, Murr has to attend a weekly meeting for Tumblr employees and repeat whatever the guys tell him to. From the beginning, the guys make him act incredibly obnoxious and disruptive, with him repeatedly saying "like a boss" to the female presenter as she's speaking.

Soon, the guys have Murr taking off his socks and shoes and asking strangers to smell them. The audience is pretty tolerant, but soon he starts to grate on their nerves by being too annoying and unpleasant. The employees actually try to call security on Murr after getting fed up with them.

Guy Fieri ends up joining the show via Facetime, as Joe is able to get him to guest star. Murr has to shout out that "Guy Fieri sucks," once again to the dismay and annoyance of the crowd. He ends up getting himself kicked out of the meeting by the leader, who was actually in on the prank the whole time. It is one of Murr's most excruciatingly awkward punishments and a definite top prank for the show.

14. Keep the Change

"Impractical Jokers" is full of side-splitting laughter from the beginning. The very first "Keep the Change" prank from the series premiere, "Pay It Forward," gives the series one of its all-time best soundbites. For this challenge, one of the guys works as a cashier at a Costco and must do and say whatever the guys tell him through his earpiece. Murr starts by telling a customer he hates him because he's French, throwing a customer's change at him while "making it rain," and ripping up the check of another customer.

It doesn't get much easier for Sal, who has to yell "MILF alert" and inappropriately congratulate another customer on the attractiveness of his wife. By far though, the most memorable is Q's turn. He starts by telling a sweet old woman to watch her attitude, much to her shock, and then goes on to fill her in about his abusive childhood. The highlight is when he calls the next customer "mustache," who then fires back by calling Q a "clown."

Having to do what the guys tell him, Q starts arguing with the man, telling him "all right, mustache, don't call me clown," which ended up being one of the most famous lines in the show's history.  

13. Sal gets April Fooled – in March

During the middle of shooting Season 5 in 2016, Sal and Joe were hanging out on set during a break. It was March 15 and the guys needed to shoot a promo for the upcoming April Fools' Day episode airing in a few weeks. Unbeknownst to Sal, Joe and the crew already had a prank in mind. Joe intercepts Sal's caesar salad lunch before it gets delivered to him and swaps out the restaurant's chicken for packaged dog food resembling chicken.

Sal, oblivious to change, starts eating his salad with the tainted chicken. He actually doesn't have too much of a problem with it — that is, until he realizes it's dog meat and is made mainly out of "organs and bones." Immediately spitting out the food, Sal is immensely confused. Then Joe reveals it was an April Fools' prank, to which Sal incredulously asks him what day it is. 

Joe reveals the promo is going to air in a few weeks. Outraged, Sal exclaims, "You can't April Fools' me on March 15!" Joe is dying with laughter while Sal is upset at just having eaten dog food. It's not an official episode, but it's definitely one of the best inter-cast pranks of all time.

12. In Poor Taste Buds

For Murr's punishment for losing "In Poor Taste Buds" (Season 3, Episode 26), he got what initially seems like a pretty enjoyable task: being a culinary expert and critic tasting and rating food in front of a class. However, the guys soon let him in on the twist: his mouth is going to be injected with as much Novocaine as is clinically allowed just before going on stage, meaning he won't be able to taste anything or speak properly.

As soon as the dentist injects the Novocaine, its effect is noticeable on Murr. He struggles to pronounce most words, especially those with the letters b, p, s, and f. Taking advantage of this, the guys make him repeat their alliterated sentences using those letters constantly. Soon, Murr has to start actually eating and drinking the food, which becomes quite the ordeal, since he can't feel anything that his mouth is doing.

His shirt gets covered in food and drink almost immediately, and almost all of the liquid he tries to drink just spills out of his numb mouth. The combination of Murr's hilarious struggles with completing sentences, along with the great audience reaction, make "In Poor Taste Buds" one of Murr's top pranks of all time.

11. Holy Molar

The guys in "Impractical Jokers" kick off Season 2 with a bang with the premiere episode "Elephant in the Room." The first challenge is the "Holy Molar" challenge, which sees the guys pretending to be dentists and interacting with patients. The guys have to do whatever they are told, which ends up becoming pretty ridiculous within the context of a dental visit. 

For example, Q informs his patient he has an embarrassing story about sexually transmitted infections and Atlantic City before using the suction wand on his own face. The patient already seems wary before Q starts talking about how attractive he looks in his dental scrubs. Sal's up next, and he has to practically invert his patient on the dental chair before running out of the room and leaving him hanging upside down for several minutes. Joe starts telling his patient about the various dental tools at his disposal, including shoe horns and dubiously named pliers.

The best performance is from Murr, who spins and twirls around the room on the wheeled chair. He starts banging into the cabinets and tools while in his chair, at one point knocking the phone off the hook. The patient is just as amused as the guys back in the booth and starts cracking up, too. 

10. Strip High Five

For the "Strip High Five" (Season 2, Episode 5) prank, Murr and Joe have to deal with an ultra-rare double punishment when both of them tied for last after three challenges. The two have to stand in the middle of Times Square and play a game of strip high five. The idea is that each of them has to try and get strangers to high-five them. For every stranger who refuses to high-five them, they have to remove an article of clothing.

Both of the guys have some success at first, as most people are pretty friendly. As soon as they start losing more clothes, people are more reluctant to have anything to do with them. Pretty soon, the guys attract a crowd of onlookers, and they both get down to their underwear. Joe is successful in getting a high five in his underwear, but Murr is not able to convince a passing female tourist to do the same for him, and he ends up getting his underwear pulled down by Joe in the middle of the street.

Joe then grabs the rest of Murr's clothes and dashes off, leaving him standing there barely able to cover himself, looking deeply, deeply ashamed. It was, as Q called it, "the most public of humiliations," and definitely one of the series' best.

9. That Looks Delicious!

Season 1 of "Impractical Jokers" has some of the series' best moments, and the "That Looks Delicious!" prank from Episode 7 "Out of TP" is no exception. For this challenge, the guys find themselves at a buffet restaurant. Unfortunately for them, they aren't allowed to purchase any of the food. Instead, they have to grab food from the plates of unsuspecting diners, and whoever grabs the most wins. Q goes first, but he almost immediately forfeits after no one gives him the time of day.

Murr gets caught instantly trying to grab some corn, and another guy notices him grabbing a rib, though he doesn't say anything. He steals another woman's okra, and his plate ends up weighing a respectable 1 lb, 4 oz at the end. Sal immediately starts grabbing food from patrons left and right, but he only comes up with 1 lb total. Joe is the final contestant, and he starts scatting while grabbing food from a few female patrons.

One of them alerts her husband, who decides to test Joe out and see if he tries it with him. When Joe does, the guy smacks his macaroni spoon away from him. Joe ends up following him to the table and grabs some fried chicken after a brief tong fight, but his plate still weighs under a pound and he loses with Q. Joe's tong fight alone makes this a classic prank.

8. Below the Belt

The best "Impractical Jokers" punishments are brutally public, and the one from "Below the Belt" (Season 4, Episode 2) is an all-time classic. Murr is the loser of the episode, so he has to endure the punishment. His task is to deliver a PowerPoint lecture on the science behind climate change, which Murr claims he can do in his sleep. However, while Murr is giving the speech, the guys will have access to his lower body via a hollow table he is standing in front of.

The audience can't see the guys under the table, and they immediately start making Murr's presentation as difficult as possible. Sal begins by waxing one of Murr's legs while he's speaking, making Murr grimace and squirm. Next up is Q, who sprays Murr's pants with a water bottle to make it look like he wet himself. He then has to step on a mouse trap and walk around wearing high-heeled shoes, confusing the audience immensely.

The most embarrassing prank is when they have a provocatively dressed woman with smeared makeup get out from under the table — in front of the entire audience — implying she had just given Murr oral sex. The coup de grace is when Joe turns Murr's slacks into short shorts, again making him parade in front of a bewildered and amused audience.  

7. Junk in the Trunk

As punishment for losing the "Junk in the Trunk" (Season 3, Episode 16) challenges, Sal had one of his most high-energy moments on the show. The gag is that the guys are at a local car rental agency and Sal has to hide in the trunk of one of the vehicles. He's supposed to ride along in the trunk until the person needs to open it, at which point they'll see him and be shocked. The prank gets off to a seemingly rocky start when the renters take the car on a much longer trip than expected. Sal rattles around in the trunk while the woman drives around, smacking his head several times.

Eventually, the car stops and a woman gets out and opens the trunk. Seeing Sal, she appears shocked and starts screaming and hitting him with her purse. She is absolutely irate with Sal for surprising her and chases him around the parking lot after he escapes the trunk.

Finally, when it seems like the woman is really upset, Joe reveals the truth: It's actually his friend Melissa, who knew about Sal in the trunk the whole time. Her getting upset was all act and Sal definitely bought it, hook, line, and sinker.  

6. Did I Deserve That?

One of the funniest recurring pranks on "Impractical Jokers" is the "Did I Deserve That?" challenge. For these challenges, the guys are working as cashiers behind a store counter when an irate customer barges in and throws water at their faces while they are in the middle of a transaction. The guys then have to sell whatever excuse they are told to get the customer to say they did not deserve it. The first time the guys did the challenge was during "The Blunder Years" (Season 4, Episode 6), and it was one of the funniest of the series.

Joe and Sal successfully get a "no" from their customers, but Murr doesn't have the same luck, though he does win $100 in a side bet from Joe after caressing the chest hair of a customer. The final participant is Q, but that's when the entire prank goes awry and ends up creating one of the best "Impractical Jokers" moments of all time.

The actor who was supposed to target Q instead targets the other cashier, throwing water on an innocent bystander. The actor quickly realizes his mistake but maintains there's nothing he can do now that the wrong party has been splashed. Luckily, the aggrieved party is a good sport about the whole thing and is able to laugh it off.  

5. The Party Crasher

You know the punishment is going to be good in "Impractical Jokers" when it covers almost half the episode. Murr's Judo bout during a poolside cocktail party in "The Party Crasher" (Season 6, Episode 24) fits the bill. For this punishment, Murr has to crash a cocktail party and start a wrestling match with two-time U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Judo champion Kayla Harrison. Murr already looks incredibly conspicuous wearing a wig made from Q's hair. His constantly flailing at Kayla quickly gets the attention of all of the party guests.

The only thing he is allowed to say is that he used to know her in college, which only confuses the guests more. After she rips off his toupee during an ill-fated takedown attempt, he has to put it back on and continue wearing it, looking completely disheveled. At one point, Kayla throws Murr through a table, and he just gets up holding a cocktail glass like nothing is wrong.

For the finale, Kayla launches Murr over her head into the pool after his final failed attack. The guests clap and cheer for Kayla, who walks back and enjoys the rest of the party. While it was one of the more bizarre punishments, it was definitely hilarious. Seeing Murr get manhandled by an Olympic Gold Medalist was a highlight of the season and one of the best celebrity cameos of the entire series.

4. Blind Justice

The episode "Blind Justice" (Season 4, Episode 18) features one of Sal's best all-time punishments. His task is to act as a hardened convict and give a scared-straight speech to a room full of teenagers. He thinks the only catch is that he has to wear a pair of sunglasses that completely obscure his view and use a few props. However, the guys late reveal the true deviousness of the punishment: instead of talking to adolescent teenagers he is giving the speech to a group of senior citizens. Sal can't see them due to the sunglasses and treats them like they are kids.

He lectures them about not disappointing their parents and warns them about spending the next 50 years of their life in prison. The audience starts laughing at the ridiculous speech. Sal hears this but doesn't fully understand, which just makes him yell more. Eventually he realizes it's not a group of teenagers but actually senior citizens. His expression is hilarious when he finally sees they are much, much older than he thought. 

Sal continues to yell at them and ends up showing off his Jaden Smith tattoo, which makes them all break out in hysterics. Sal has to end the presentation by telling all of them he is going to "f***" them if they end up going to jail.  

3. The Blunder Years

It's no secret to fans of the show that Murr had a massive childhood crush on Danica McKellar, an actress from one of his favorite childhood shows "The Wonder Years." For his punishment in the "The Blunder Years" (Season 4, Episode 6) episode, Murr has to interview McKellar in a hotel conference room. While that sounds pretty desirable, Murr has to do so while completely oiled up and wearing a speedo. The guys tell him he's going to enter a bodybuilding contest, which gave them cover to douse him with oil and put him in a speedo, but it was just a ruse to embarrass him in front of McKellar.

During the interview, Murr has to ask her a series of ridiculous questions, including informing her that he used to french kiss a poster of her when he was a kid and that he has dirty pictures of her on his refrigerator. She is told to act as harshly as possible with Murr and she delivers in spades.

After thoroughly embarrassing himself by trying to do squats and flex for her, Murr is mercifully allowed to leave the room and McKellar alone. As soon as he walks out, she bursts out laughing, but Murr is probably scarred for life. 

2. Brother of the Sisterhood

The pranks where the guys participate in panels are definite staples on "Impractical Jokers." One of Q's most hilarious was from "Brother of the Sisterhood" (Season 5, Episode 9). Q has to sit in on a panel of experts talking about feminism, posing as the author of a blog titled "Brother of the Sisterhood." Instead of agreeing with the hosts, as you might expect from a feminist blogger, Q has to disagree with everything the other panelists say. The host is in on the joke, but no one else is, least of all the audience members.

First, Q has to explain the difference between "men's jobs" and "women's jobs," telling them his uncomfortableness with having female mechanics work on his cars. He then explains why Michelle Obama is not a feminist icon, and later he is forced to defend a quote from his fictional blog where he claimed that women becoming mothers turn "emotionally unstable and irrational."

After several minutes of excruciatingly uncomfortable and cringeworthy banter, Q has to give his closing remarks. They consist solely of him telling the almost exclusively female audience that he finds it amazing they can go all day without playing with their breasts. It is definitely one of Q's most embarrassing and awkward punishments in the series. 

1. The Q-Pay

"The Q-Pay" (Season 6, Episode 17) might be the best-known and longest-lasting prank in "Impractical Jokers" history. Murr's the loser in this episode and his punishment is that he has to wear a wig. Doesn't sound too bad until you realize whose hair he's wearing: Q's. The guys have Q cut off his shoulder-length hair and make it into a wig for Murray. The wig doesn't look half bad at first but doesn't suit Murr at all.

To make matters worse, Murr has to get his passport picture taken with the wig. This is to contrast with Murr's driver's license, which features him with a shaved head and shaved eyebrows from an earlier punishment. Murr claims the hair smells like Q — i.e., like whiskey and marijuana — and he is immediately uncomfortable with it on his head.

Unfortunately for Murr, he can't just take off the wig after a day; he has to keep it on for the remainder of the season. There are nine more episodes in Season 6 after "The Q-Pay," and Murr's hair just gets worse and worse as time goes on. The fact that it keeps going for nine more episodes makes it by far the best "Impractical Jokers" prank in the series. It's almost like 10 punishments in one, as every episode with him wearing is like an extra prank.