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Beth And Monica's Boutique Scene Warmed Yellowstone Fans' Hearts

Plenty of folks are rough around the edges or even downright ornery in the "Yellowstone" universe. From crotchety boss man John Dutton (Kevin Costner) to brutally violent enforcer Rip Wheeler (Cope Hauser), fans have plenty of examples to choose from when they're looking for a member of the cast they definitely wouldn't want to mess with. Still, no one on the popular neo-western series is quite as thorny as Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

Beth has notoriously made a career for herself of dressing down nearly anyone who comes into her presence, and her cutting remarks and brutal jibes have only gotten nastier over the course of "Yellowstone." Of course, this makes it all the more surprising when Beth shows genuine concern for someone else and even helps them out, as she did with Monica (Kelsey Asbille) in Season 2 during an unfortunate example of racial profiling.

Here, Beth shows how far she will go to protect anyone she calls family, whether they be blood kin or married into the Dutton family. The scene is also a small window into the normally steely character's heart and shows how she will stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves.

Fans were happy to see Beth sticking up for Monica

Naturally, "Yellowstone" fans are over the moon for this scene as they can barely contain their enthusiasm about Beth going to bat for Monica in Season 2. "Love this scene. First time that shows Beth's heart," commented @preciouswilliams1660. Still, others seemed to enjoy how Beth becomes an audience surrogate throughout the series, saying and doing the things we all wish we could in these types of situations.

"Beth may be one of the best female characters I've ever seen on a TV show," wrote @mikeeihusen5194. "She takes no prisoners and does/says the things we all wish we could." Furthermore, Beth can be downright hostile to those who she sees as trying to earn a place in the Dutton family that they don't deserve, which makes her acceptance of Monica all the more touching.

"Just when I couldn't love Beth anymore... seeing her come to Monica's defense was everything," wrote @justinbergmans36. "Beth is so savage, I love her!" With arguably the most dangerous Dutton on the warpath as the series heads toward its inevitable end, "Yellowstone" fans will undoubtedly see more of Beth's badass attitude when Season 5 returns this summer.