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Steve Carell's 60 Minutes Interview Had Mail Carriers Praising The Actor

It's fun to hear about the different jobs successful actors had before they became famous. That was the feeling when Steve Carell spoke to "60 Minutes" about a gig he had prior to his career taking off. As the actor related, he once worked as a mailman, which he claims was the hardest job he ever had. "I was right out of college and I was earning money to go to Chicago to be an actor," Carell recalled, "and I got a job as a mail carrier." Carell went on to explain how difficult the job really is and how awful he was at it. "The first day I delivered mail they had to go out looking for me because it was like nine at night and I wasn't back," he laughed. Carell's opinion of the gig brought praises from actual mail carriers who were watching.

Viewers over on YouTube who had similar experiences with this type of work were quick to compliment the funnyman for exposing the job's difficulty. "Very true. Toughest job I ever did. Did it two months and I was done," wrote @blakewarren5613. @Contactdigestpodcast1530 agreed but thought Carell was holding a bit back with his opinion by explaining, "I appreciate the job but tough only tells half the story. Try tough, in 100 degree heat with managers who have no clue and act like you been there for 20 years and you supposed to have it all figured out in 3 days." 

As interesting as it is to know that Carell lugged mail around before his Hollywood days, that wasn't the only gig he took on to save money.

It was a mistake to start as mail carrier during the holidays

Steve Carell's interview on "60 Minutes" wasn't the only time he talked about his time as a mail carrier. He also discussed this on "The Ellen Show," where he talked about how he worked this tough job during the holidays. "It was pre-Internet ... you know, big thick heavy catalogs and the mailman had to deliver them," he said. This brought inspiration to YouTube users like @gearofduty2012 who wrote, "I was a bad mailman too, this fills me with hope." However, Carell expanded his connection to his fans as he wasn't just a mailman back in the day.

When Carell was on "Conan," he spoke about other gigs he took before becoming a successful actor. One of these was a job at a local store. "I worked in the produce department of a supermarket," he revealed. "I was bad at pretty much every aspect of the job." Naturally, Carell moved on to something else, a position he thought he might be better at, and worked as a telemarketer. "I sold wine by phone," he remembered. At least with this job, Carell was given a script, although that proved not to help much. "You do have your cards, the varietal characteristics of this [wine]." However, he quickly again proved to himself that he was in the wrong profession. "It was one day of my life," he admitted.