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The SMB Movie's Final Trailer Is Changing Fans' Minds About Chris Pratt's Voice

With one of the year's most anticipated animated releases, "The Super Mario Bros. Movie," preparing to bounce its way onto movie screens on April 5, 2023, the film's final trailer seems to be putting many fans' biggest gripe with the upcoming film to rest. 

During the first "Super Mario" teaser released in October 2022, while fans were delighted to see the visually-dazzling adaptation of the popular Nintendo franchise, the one aspect that many took issue with was Chris Pratt's voice as Mario. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Jurassic World" star didn't make the best first impression with fans, who felt Pratt's vocal performance lacked much distinction from his regular voice. 

However, it seems like things might finally be taking a turn. The latest action-packed trailer, which sees Mario interact with Donkey Kong (voiced by Seth Rogen) and go on a high-octane ride along the Rainbow Road in an effort to save his brother, Luigi (voiced by Charlie Day), has fans finally giving Chris Pratt some props. With such excited fans as @ContendoYT on Twitter now exclaiming that "CHRIS PRATT'S MARIO VOICE IS ACTUALLY SUPER GOOD ... ,"  the problems with Pratt might finally be a thing of the past.

Pratt's performance is finally giving fans what they want

While there have certainly been fans who have defended Chris Pratt's voice as Mario in "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" trailers, it's no secret that the performance has remained largely polarizing. However, the final trailer is not only giving fans more of the Mushroom Kingdom but also shows more of what Pratt can do. 

Twitter is buzzing with enthusiastic responses. User @infernomen_YT was one of the few who kept faith in Pratt's performance, with them commenting that "This trailer really showed us what he can do." And what he was able to do pleased the ears of hardcore Mario fans.

User @baised_russian is not only in disbelief of the trailer's overall quality, but also the "Parks and Recreation" star's turn as the video game icon, commenting, " ... Chris Pratt actually sounds like Mario, while doing the noises he is suppose to." Others such as @Comfy_Couchman are also keen on Pratt's approach that honors the character's trademark catchphrases, with the user saying, "I think this trailer has done the best job of selling Pratt as Mario. It actually sounds like he's doing a voice and not just being himself, and his 'wahoo' is actually really good."

To say there's a lot hinging on Pratt's performance would be an understatement, but it appears that this trailer has helped fans grow more accepting of what the actor brings to the role.