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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Has Fans Divided Over Chris Pratt's 'Wahoo!' As Mario

A new trailer for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" has plenty of reveals for fans, including a look at Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy), Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen), and star Chris Pratt's take on Mario's signature "Wahoo!" catchphrase.

To cap off the trailer, Pratt's Mario yells out the classic phrase as he throws his hand in the air and drives down Rainbow Road. The decision to cast Pratt as Mario has led to split reactions and plenty of criticism (per New York Post). Plenty of viewers are now celebrating the movie and Pratt's Mario voice in response to the new sneak peek, but fans still appear mostly split. Some remain unconvinced of Pratt as the mustached legend in the animated film, set to hit theaters on April 7, 2023.

Pratt previously teased that his take on Mario would be unlike anything fans had heard before in an interview with Variety. "I worked really closely with the directors and trying out a few things and landed on something that I'm really proud of and can't wait for people to see and hear," the actor told the outlet. Now fans have seen and heard the interpretation of everyone's favorite plumber go full Mario and yell, "wahoo," so what are they saying about Pratt?

Christ Pratt's 'Wahoo!' didn't win everyone over

Chris Pratt's energetic "Wahoo!" did not stop the divided reaction to his role in "The Super Mario Bros. Movie." Still, many were pumped up enough by the performance and the other Easter eggs in the new trailer that they had no hesitation celebrating.

"Chris Pratt's wahoo at the end was pretty good ngl," @ChildishTommy tweeted. "C'mon it's actually pretty good," user @challengeST added. @MasteroftheTDS tweeted something echoed by a number of other users, writing, "Wow, Chris Pratt's Mario voice is much better." Pratt's "Wahoo!" spin earned its fair share of critics to go along with the praise.

"Lol literally everything but Chris Pratt is perfect," Twitter user @ExandShadow wrote in reaction to the trailer. "Chris Pratt in the studio warming himself up to record the most flaccid 'wahoo' of all time," user @Espeonkin tweeted along with an image of Mario. Some critics took to posting a French dub of the trailer and offering praise for the alternative voice to Pratt. "Much better than Pratt," user @Jonatokun tweeted in reaction to the clip.

There's a chance Pratt can take the criticisms in stride, as the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star claims to be a Mario fan himself, suggesting he's heard plenty of "Wahoos!" in his time.

Chris Pratt's a fan dating back to arcades

According to Chris Pratt, he's been playing in Mario's world since the original arcade game, which was released in 1983. "Growing up, I spent hours of my life stomping Koopas in the original 'Mario Brothers' arcade game at my local laundromat. And then, of course, it came out on Nintendo, and I played that maybe years of my life," the actor proclaimed in a promotional video for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" (per CNET).

Pratt joins a long list of actors to step into Mario's shoes, some in live-action and others through animation. Before Pratt, the most significant was arguably Academy Award-nominee Bob Hoskins in 1993's live-action "Super Marios Bros." (via IMDb). Also portraying Mario in the flesh was WWE wrestler "Captain" Lou Albano in 1989's "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" Among the various Mario voice actors is the prolific Peter Cullen, who voiced the character in a "Saturday Supercade." A number of critics of the new "Super Mario Bros." have actually objected to original Mario voice actor Charles Martinet not voicing Mario, including voice Actress Tara Strong (via Twitter).

Martinet may not be throwing out a "woohoo" as Mario, but his voice will be heard in the movie, according to the actor's IMDb.