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Creed III Screenings Are Getting Overshadowed By Real-Life Brawls

Life imitates art when it comes to "Creed III" screenings.

After two successful "Creed" flicks, Michael B. Jordan stepped into the directorial chair for the threequel, making his directorial debut, a gamble which clearly paid off. The "Creed" threequel emerged as a box office winner during its debut weekend, scooping up over $58 million domestically. The numbers prove that fans are showing up in droves to the critically acclaimed sequel, which sees Creed (Jordan) battling his former friend Damien (Jonathan Majors) in the ring.

The film is quite the international juggernaut as well. Per The Numbers, it raked in $41 million in various territories. The largest international markets include France, the United Kingdom, and Germany, per Variety. With so many "Creed" heads filling out auditoriums and multiplexes, is it all too surprising that fights are breaking out? Apparently Creed and Damian's beef is enough to leave viewers boisterous, as Deadline reports that several screenings in France and Germany have become battlegrounds amongst cinemagoers.

The outlet says that about a dozen separate fights have manifested during the film's debut weekend in France. Several independent theaters in the country have decided to stop showing the "Creed" film altogether, per French media. It's a similar story in Germany, where fights broke out in the cinema halls of Bremen, Hamburg, and Essen.

Some cinemas are canceling their Creed III screenings

While footage from the so-called "Creed III" brawls have gone viral, it doesn't appear that these fights are due to a social media challenge. Remember when folks dressed up in suits to go see "Minions: The Rise of Gru?" This phenomenon seems to be far more serious. In the French city of Saint Etienne, a security guard received a head injury after bottles began to be thrown at a March 4 screening. A cinema in the town of Thionville was evacuated after a fight the same day. Several other theaters in France faced their own fair share of issues during "Creed III's" opening weekend.

The CinéCentre multiplex in the town of Dreux even went so far as to cancel all screenings of the film because of the violence that was ensuing. German screenings were also canceled after police officers were called to quell tensions. Speaking with Deadline, a source suggested that, at least in France, where the film has made over $7 million, "Creed III" is a phenomenon of sorts because it boasted more than 10,000 screenings during its first five days of release.

"Creed III" continues to emerge as a popular option for cinemagoers across the world. As it stands, the fights seem to be mostly relegated to France and Germany.