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AHS Fans Still Can't Get Over Fiona And Marie's Salon Scene In Coven

Season 3 of "American Horror Story" is still a lot of fans' favorite season of the creepy series. "Coven," as it was called, explored the subgenre of witches in the same way Season 1 covered haunted houses, and Season 2 took on everything from aliens to mad scientists. With "American Horror Story" about to enter Season 12, fans still can't stop talking about a scene from "Coven" nearly a decade later, solidifying its staying power for audiences.

The scene in question involves fan-favorite character Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) entering a salon seemingly to get her hair done. The sequence introduces Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) as she enters the series. Lange and Bassett square off in a battle of top-tier actors showing off their range in their craft.

The scene appeared in Episode 2, entitled "Boy Parts." After hearing about a potion that serves as an elixir for immortality, witch Fiona Goode arrives at a salon voodoo practitioner Marie Laveau runs to try to get her hands on the latter's potion. Tensions arise as age-old rivalry between the two magical factions is discussed. Goode picks on Laveau and Voodoo's history while trying to get Lavaeu to offer up the potion which has been the secret to the practitioner's age-defying beauty.

Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett offered up a master class in acting in the scene

Fans of "American Horror Story" are quick to bring up Season 3, "Coven," from 2013, as one of their favorites of the show's run. A specific scene shared by Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett earned particular praise, in which the characters discuss tensions within the magic community. A clip of the scene on YouTube saw fans admire the veteran actors' dialogue and talent.

Commenter @‌leelahbug4960 noted the scene's age and how it still held up, saying, "This scene is 8 years old and still is absolute fire....Jessica & Angela really ate this scene up." More users celebrated the acting achievements of the two women in the scene. @‌IllumiNatetheOracle said, "This was a master class of acting. Any scene with Angela & Jessica together instantly elevated the entire season. Could do a whole show with these two." They weren't the only ones wishing for more scenes in that season that featured these two legendary actresses. "These two gave me so much life that season. Every time they were in the same room I got ready to sip some tea and detect some shade," @‌dmarquel14 said.

Beyond the performances alone, other commenters had more praise overall for the scene and the season overall. @‌akinbolajiosunsina3386 said, "This has to be one of the best scene[s] ever written. The exchange of words between two strong-minded women is just so intense." User @‌nikki05jams had praise for the whole season, citing this scene, "This is why 'The Coven' is my favorite season out of the whole series. What Angela and Jessica did can not be duplicated." One fan parlayed their love of the scene to call out a later, less beloved, season of "American Horror Story." @‌gabrieladerre2862 said, "This scene alone is better than the entirety of 'AHS: Apocalypse.'"