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Franchise Creator Kevin Williamson Opens Up About Neve Campbell's Absence From Scream 6

The "Scream" franchise is one of the most pivotal slasher series in horror history. When genre tropes had grown increasingly stale, and no one was taking killers like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees seriously anymore, "Scream" made that the whole point, skewering elements that the subgenre had made famous while simultaneously playing into them.

This subversive element is likely why the franchise remains so popular and successful nearly 30 years after launching its first entry. Like many other great horror comedies, "Scream" walks the fine line between scary and funny so deftly that viewers don't know what's going to be coming around the next corner.

Unfortunately, that element crossed the line into reality for the cast and crew of "Scream 6" when longtime franchise star Neve Campbell opted to step away from the series due to salary concerns for the sixth film. While Kevin Williamson, who has been either writing or producing for the series since its first installment, said he misses Campbell's presence, he explained how they dealt with it for the latest film.

Kevin Williamson said everyone immediately pivoted to the news

Kevin Williamson spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about "Scream 6," and he had a few things to say about how the focus of the production shifted once it became clear that Neve Campbell would not be returning to reprise her role as Sidney Prescott in the sixth film.

"Everyone pivoted," Williamson said. "What's so great is we had so many other great characters, and the movie was always meant to be about this sisterhood of Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega's characters." Being that the duo is the primary focus of the previous film, it's easy to see where the franchise creator is coming from here.

Though Williamson went on to explain how Tara (Ortega) and Sam (Barrera) are at the center of the story, he did express some hope that Campbell might one day return to the "Scream" series. "That is what is the heart and soul and throughline of this particular franchise, so it didn't really disturb that, but I can only say I miss [Sidney,] and maybe one day she'll come back."

With the popularity of the franchise still notable nearly three decades after it first premiered, it seems pretty likely that there will be a "Scream 7" coming somewhere down the line. Whether Campbell will be a part of it, however, remains to be seen.