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Shark Tank Fans Thought The Cat Amazing Negotiation Was Incredibly Strange

One of the most entertaining aspects of "Shark Tank" is the back-and-forth between the sharks and entrepreneurs. Oftentimes, an entrepreneur can enter the room with what they consider a reasonable proposition, but the show's panel of investors will think otherwise. Sure, some sharks might get a little more greedy than others, but more often than not, the business veterans are using their decades of experience to inform them on what it will take for them to help the business grow. This often leads to some heated conversations as entrepreneurs and sharks throw around counteroffer after counteroffer. The experience can lead to some particularly heated moments, as some sharks are ready and willing to drop their offer if an entrepreneur isn't quick to decide. 

But there are other times when it's hard to describe just how to feel after a deal. Whether it be a rushed decision from an entrepreneur or a deal that seems too good to be true, some moments on the show are bound to leave viewers with their own questions. And a deal in Season 13 of the show had fans debating if the business at the center of the negotiation might have used one of its nine lives.

Cat Amazing's good intentions came with mind-boggling sacrifice

Andrey Grigoryev appeared on Season 13 of "Shark Tank" seeking $200,000 for a 10% stake in his cat enrichment company, Cat Amazing. While the business showed promise, with Grigoryev on track to do over $700,000 in sales, the negotiations are where things took a weird turn.

Several sharks tried to get in on the deal, with Daymond John and Lori Greiner being top contenders. Grigoryev then admitted that his ultimate plan was to donate all proceeds to helping shelter cats as a promise to his late cat, Mookie. The counteroffer he proposed, which was initiated by John, stipulated that 10% of the deal, 5% from both him and the investor, would go to the cause. Greiner agreed, leaving John in a confused state. 

Fans seeing the segment on YouTube had a lot to say about the odd deal. User Thiru C commented, " He waited until the offers are out, and then came out that he wants to give 10% of THEIR equity for Charity!" While others were similarly confused by the charity aspect, Wingerfan1 felt that Grigoryev should have gone with another shark. "He has the best probable shark in Daymond. Yet he still chooses to go a different direction," the user wrote.

While it is unknown if Greiner's deal closed, the brand still has exciting prospects, as their latest December 2022 blog shared that 2023 will see some new partnerships and products.