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Who Dies In The Last Of Us Episode 8?

Contains spoilers for "The Last of Us" Season 1, Episode 8 — "When We Are in Need"

There are certain rules in life we all must follow. Stop at red lights. Don't steal from people. Don't get too attached to any characters on "The Last of Us." HBO's wildly popular adaptation of the video game of the same name has been disposing of characters right and left since it debuted, which makes sense; in a video game, NPCs are typically features you fight or breeze by on your way to the next mission. Adapting it to the small screen, though, means people might get a little more attached to these characters; for example, if you didn't cry over the end of Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank's (Murray Bartlett) story because it meant you wouldn't spend any more time with those characters, you might be a tiny bit dead inside.

Regardless, people are dropping like flies in the apocalyptic on-screen world of "The Last of Us," and the eighth episode, "When We Are in Need," continues this tradition. So who died in this episode, and how did it all go down?

A couple of pretty dangerous people died in Episode 8

If it's any consolation, the deceased of Episode 8 aren't exactly Bills or Franks — they're uniformly pretty nasty. Seeking revenge against Joel (Pedro Pascal), who killed one of their own, the gang kidnaps Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and hunts Joel like an animal... but they've underestimated him.

Despite his injuries, Joel strangles and then stabs Josiah (Nelson Leis) when the man searches the house he's hiding in; when another guy comes looking, Joel gives him a nice little whack with the butt of a gun before tying him up in the house. There, he's awoken by the sound of Joel mercilessly beating another one of his number, looking for information about Ellie. Once he gets what he needs, he kills both men before going to find Ellie, who's got problems of her own.

After Ellie royally pisses off community leader and cannibal David (Scott Shepherd), he decides she's not worth the trouble of saving and decides to turn her into food as well; while lying on the table where they intend to kill her, Ellie gets David's right-hand man James (the game's Troy Baker) with a cleaver before David chases her through a building she sets aflame. Luckily for us, Ellie eventually gets the upper hand and absolutely demolishes David, stabbing him so severely in the face that the camera doesn't even show the full carnage. "The Last of Us" is a brutal show, and this episode just proves that it'll go to extremes where violence is concerned.