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Who Did Seth Green Play On That '70s Show?

Seth Green has had a prosperous career since the 1980s. With over 200 actor credits listed on IMDb, it's difficult to dispute that he's become a household name over the years, particularly as a voice actor. With so many unique roles under Green's belt, it's hard to narrow it down to just a few that fans may recognize him from. One of the longest-lasting voice roles he's taken is that of Chris Griffin from "Family Guy," which has seen him star in over 400 episodes. Fans may also recognize him as the creator and head writer for "Robot Chicken," another animated series that was geared toward adults. He created the show and starred in over 200 episodes of "Robot Chicken" as various voices, including Batman and The Nerd. 

Many of Green's credits feature his incredible range of voice acting, but he's also made plenty of live-action appearances. He was Dr. Evil's (Mike Myers) son, Scott Evil, in the "Austin Powers" films. In 2022, he played Radio DJ in "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story." He also made appearances in "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" and "Shazam!" and was even Velma's shady love interest in "Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed."

Although Green has an impressive resume, many fans may have forgotten that he also made an appearance on "That '70s Show."

Green's character was a menace on That '70s Show

Seth Green made five appearances on "That 70s Show" as the antagonistic Mitch Miller. Green was brought in occasionally to spice things up for Eric Forman (Topher Grace) and his friends. 

Starring in two episodes from Season 5 and three episodes from Season 6, Mitch was first introduced in an episode titled "The Battle of Evermore." It wasn't until his second appearance that Mitch started to cause problems. When Fez refused Mitch his driver's license, Mitch decided to get back at him by publishing an image on the school paper of Fez and Kelso kissing.

When Green reprised his role in Season 6, he starred in three back-to-back episodes that saw him infiltrating Eric's group. In Episode 19, "Substitute," Eric invited Mitch to hang out as an apology for accidentally hitting him with a golf ball. During this episode, the group discovers how similar Eric and Mitch are because they have similar hobbies and interests. Due to the group taking so well to Mitch, Eric begins despising him, feeling he's easily replaceable. 

In the following episode, Mitch meddles in Eric and Donna's relationship by making Donna think that Eric likes someone else. He wants to break them up because he has a massive crush on Donna.

In Mitch's final appearance, he convinces Donna to be his date for his brother's wedding. At the wedding, Mitch gives a best-man speech that ends with him announcing Donna is his fiancee. Eric, however, was spying on the date. Mitch announces later that day that he has to fight Eric, but when the fight rolls around, Mitch backs out.

Despite being a short-lived character, most "That 70s Show" fans will remember Mitch for his obnoxious demeanor and hilarious pot-stirring.