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The Rookie Fans Are Crying For Celina After Season 5 Episode 17

Contains spoilers for "The Rookie" Season 5, Episode 17

It's no secret that Celina Juarez (Lisseth Chavez) wasn't exactly a popular character when she first came on "The Rookie," with fans arguing over whether the dream and aura-obsessed new trainee was undermining the show. But by Season 5, Episode 12 ("Death Notice"), when Celina stares at Oscar Hutchinson (Matthew Glave), points at him, and says, "You're going to die," many fans changed their minds about her. "I decided I liked Juarez right then," u/BeneficialMammoth632 wrote on a "The Rookie" subreddit. "I really warmed up to Celina honestly," wrote u/TheBlackSwarm. "I wonder if we're ever going to focus on her personal life at all."

It seems the writers agreed that digging into Celina's personal life more would be worthwhile, and the most recent episode did just that. While we knew that Celina had a sister that went missing when they were kids, we have finally learned more about the case and how it affected the person Celina is. The fact that her sister was never found and the case went cold is sad enough, but fans are crying after long-hidden details have finally come to the surface.

Her mother lied to her

In Season 5, Episode 17 ("The Enemy Within") of "The Rookie," Celina Juarez shows up at John Nolan's (Nathan Fillion) front door, out of breath and panicked. She tells him "I read my sister's case file, my mom lied to me." The cold case file is then reopened, and after doing some more digging and asking questions, Celina discovers the painful truth about what happened the day her sister disappeared. Her mother, Carla (Marlene Forte), hadn't been inside taking a nap while Celina and her sister, Blanca, were outside playing, as she said. She had become addicted to painkillers and was searching for a fix, leaving the girls on their own while she scored drugs.

Fans were shocked that Carla had lied her whole life, with the result being that Celina thought it was her fault her sister was kidnapped and died. "Poor Celina, she blamed herself all these years for her sister being taken and murdered, only to learn that her mother who was supposed to protect them was out doing drugs while all that was happening," tweeted @ChenfordLand.

Viewers are worried that Celina may not be able to forgive Carla, the only family she has left. "Celina finds out her mom lied to her, that's a big blow to that relationship, and the fact that she didn't come forward to the detectives is not good," tweeted @VampGirl1993. Carla now has to come clean to detectives, and hopefully, the mother and daughter can finally find some closure and repair their relationship.

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