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Arrested Development Season 5 Premiere Date Announced In Perfect Fashion

Netflix is no longer pleading the fifth when it comes to the fifth season of Arrested Development.

Over the weekend, several New York locals spotted a Bluth stair car driving around the city, a sight that would be intriguing in any circumstance but was made all the more exciting by the tiny yet crucial bit of information stamped on its side: #AD5 — May 29. Netflix. That's right: the long-long-long-awaited next season of Arrested Development will hit Netflix on May 29, and the streaming site made the announcement by encouraging hop-ons. An unlisted season 5 trailer, shown above, confirms the debut date as completely legitimate. 

Arrested Development season 5 will bring the whole gang back, including Jeffrey Tambor's George Bluth Sr., and will feature David Cross' Tobias sporting some rather unique hair, Portia de Rossi's Lindsay continuing her congressional campaign, Tony Hale's Buster bickering with Jason Bateman's Michael and wearing a creepy version of his prosthetic hand, and Michael Cera's George Michael learning from Alia Shawkat's Maeby that the Bluths are giving themselves the Family of the Year award. Ah, typical Bluth family dysfunction. 

Ahead of the new season's official launch, Netflix released a remixed version of season 4, entitled Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences, on May 4. Season 5 will be available to stream starting May 29.