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Warner Bros. Discovery Sets The Flash Premiere For CinemaCon 2023

DC fans, prepare to get majorly jealous. Exhibitors attending CinemaCon in Las Vegas for its 2023 edition will get to see the world premiere of the hotly-anticipated comic adaptation "The Flash." Warner Bros. Discovery has set the premiere for late afternoon on April 25 during the annual Con, which will be held this year from April 24-27. Unfortunately for film fans, the show is held for movie theater owners only.

The CinemaCon screening, which will be held at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace after Warner Bros. gives a preview of their upcoming slate, will be the first time anyone outside of the studio will be seeing the film. "The Suicide Squad" filmmaker James Gunn, who is heading DC Studios along with producer Peter Safron, called "The Flash" "one of the greatest superhero movies ever made" in his presentation from earlier this year in which he unveiled DC Studios' upcoming TV and Film slate. CinemaCon attendees cannot wait to get their first look at the film.

Warner hopes to copy Paramounts success they had with Top Gun: Maverick at last year's CinemaCon

"The Flash" will explore the multiverse of DC, a la "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and Marvel's multiverse, and will see both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck suiting up once again as Batman from their respective franchises. Michael Shannon is also set to return as General Zod, who was previously seen in "Man of Steel." Andy Muschietti, the horror filmmaker behind hits like "Mama" and "It," directed the film.

Beyond James Gunn's high praise of the film, Warner Bros. is super supportive of "The Flash," seeing it as a potential huge success. The film's release was called into question when the film's star Ezra Miller found themselves in several controversies after filming was completed. The star is committed to seeking help and doing their part in promoting and supporting the film, as Warner Bros. really wants to get "The Flash" into movie theaters.

Studios typically bring trailer premieres and sizzle reels into CinemaCon to promote their upcoming film slates for the year in order to get owners excited about what will be populating their theaters. Warners is following what Paramount Pictures did last year when they brought the complete film "Top Gun: Maverick" to screen for attendees. That film received a thunderous positive response from the Con and was the first step before the film's box office dominance in 2022. If "Top Gun" is any indication of how "The Flash" might be received, 2023's box office might belong entirely to the speedster.