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Young Sheldon's Wyatt McClure Recalls A Hilarious Classroom Scene As His Favorite

When CBS's "Young Sheldon" first aired, it seemed like a stretch to believe that creators Steven Molaro and Chuck Lorre could succeed in the new spinoff series after striking gold with their show, "The Big Bang Theory." After all, following 280 episodes of the original comedy, how could fans possibly want more? Well, as "Young Sheldon" powers towards its seventh season, it's clear this fictional world is far from going stale. And it's no wonder as the show features young, brilliant new actors, including Iain Armitage. 

Flanking the character of Sheldon are his hilarious classmates, one who also happens to be his neighbor, Billy Sparks, who Wyatt McClure plays. When McClure recalled auditioning for the role, he was more excited about who he was performing in front of rather than the prospect of being on a TV series. In an interview with AfterBuzzTV, McClure recalled reading in front of Jim Parsons and a Marvel player. "It was the last audition where I auditioned in front of Jon Favreau, the director of 'Iron Man I and II,' He also played Iron Man's bodyguard, Happy," he said enthusiastically. 

Of course, excitement towards his "Young Sheldon" role must've been enhanced once McClure got the part. However, he explained to Pop Culturalist that his character had changed since that audition. "I was supposed to be a bully. However, I think they saw me and changed my character to a silly, fun kid," he said. The character and the scenes he's part of can be considered silly. McClure claims he already has a favorite one picked out.

The hilarious scene required several takes

When chatting with Pop-Culturalist, Wyatt McClure explained that his passion for acting came from watching funny cartoons and the desire to make people laugh. He and his fellow talented cast mates have proven the ability to do just that. Despite popping up in a few films and guest starring in multiple TV series, "Young Sheldon" is McClure's break-out gig. While playing Billy Sparks, the young actor embraced the experience and the people behind the scenes. "Everyone is so friendly and nice," he explained. "I may not be in every episode, but they treat me like family." 

When asked during his AfterBuzzTV chat if he had a favorite scene he was part of, ironically, it was the scene shown as a promo clip prior to the question. The scene came from an earlier episode when Sheldon's teacher explains the universal law of "love thy neighbor." Sheldon is curious about how it's possible to love his neighbor when both moms hate each other. It doesn't take long before Billy finds out that Sheldon is referring to their moms. 

Trying to reduce the tension, Sheldon's teacher attempts to reiterate the moral lesson, only to discover that Sheldon's mom hates him too. McClure explained that the scene wasn't exactly easy to shoot. "Actually, it took quite a few takes," he recalled, referring to attempts thwarted by the young actor laughing and mispronouncing words. With Season 7 approaching, McClure should have more and more scenes to choose from as his favorite. And as his comedic skills continue to grow, there will most likely be more to come.