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Grey's Anatomy's Camilla Luddington Envisions The Series Ending On A Beach

Beaches are pretty infamous on "Grey's Anatomy" now. For most of Season 17 of the show, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) spent time wandering around a dream version of one and causing fans to wonder when, if ever, she would wake up and dust the sand off. Grey was, of course, in a coma, but the lasting impression of the dream beach was that it was a confusing and illogical narrative dead end for the show's most beloved character. It was also considered a possible series-ending storyline in case the show was never renewed.

Thankfully for fans of the long-running show, "Grey's Anatomy" was renewed for an 18th and 19th season. While it hasn't been renewed for Season 20 yet, it still manages to inspire series stars like Camilla Luddington to speculate about how the Emmy-winning series will ultimately end. Along with believing the show's imperfect characters are what attracts viewers, Luddington said in the past that she wants the show itself to end on a beach.

Luddington wants the show to end with a cocktail party

Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo Wilson on the show, appeared on "Good Morning America" for a charming interview about the show last year. When asked what her dream for the end of the show would be, the British actor revealed that she'd like everyone on "Grey's Anatomy" to have a happy ending on a beach.

"Can we be on a beach?" Luddingtom asked. "There have been so many huge disasters ... Can we just all survive and with a cocktail? That's what I want. A cocktail on the beach. That's what I'll pitch next."

"Grey's Anatomy" characters have survived a hospital explosion, a shooting, a ferry crash, a plane crash, and Covid-19, so it's only natural that Luddington would wish for a quiet and well-deserved ending. At least fans can appreciate that this hypothetical beach isn't a coma-induced nightmare and will hopefully give the beloved cast of characters the peaceful goodbye they deserve.