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William Miller Quickly Became Interested In Warrior Nun After Hearing Who Was Behind The Show

As Adriel — the ruthless, charismatic villain of "Warrior Nun" — William Miller embraced the show's spirit and left an indelible impact on loyal viewers. Though he had to take on a more subdued role in Season 1, he eventually took advantage of his character's role as the show's antagonist. In Season 2, he threatened his allies, brainwashed his followers, corrupted the Church, and even converted Lilith and Kristian to the dark side. He made Adriel a flashy, compelling scoundrel, and fans appreciated the opportunity to root against a fully-fledged evildoer.

Sadly, "Warrior Nun" was recently canceled by Netflix, so fans will never see how things turned out for many of the show's characters. As for Adriel, he met a well-deserved end at the hands of Ava (Alba Baptista). Ultimately, the only question left unanswered after his turn as Season 2's Big Bad was why he took the role in the first place. According to Miller, the decision had a lot to do with his previous job.

Miller was recommended by one of The 100 writers

In an interview with the Be More Super podcast, William Miller revealed that he joined "Warrior Nun" after one of the writers from "The 100" recommended him for it. Miller, of course, recurred in Season 5 of that show.

"That was already kind of a green flag," Miller said of that recommendation. "I know it's a CW show and I know it's a young audience, but there was something else to that show, and [exec producer] Jason Rothenberg [did a] great job on that show." 

Miller elaborated that he had constant conversations with Rothenberg during his time on set, and how much he enjoyed that. "So, anybody who was writing on that show who's going on to another one and who's recommending me for it, I would take seriously," he explained.

Of course, he did indeed take it seriously, but that didn't mean that Miller experienced zero trepidation regarding his new gig. In that interview, Miller admitted that the show's title caught him off guard before he ultimately relented and agreed to create his now unforgettable character.