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Reddit's Fake Google Reviews For Grey's Anatomy Roast The Show (But Lovingly)

Even though the minds behind "Grey's Anatomy" employ real medical professionals to help keep the show as scientifically accurate as possible, the series still features many far-fetched storylines that force viewers to suspend their disbelief. After years of tragedies, accidents, and disasters, longtime fans of the show are pretty accepting of whatever the writers dole out. Plenty of bizarre things have happened on the show, but no one bats an eye. The building still stands despite the financial, plumbing, and security issues that have plagued the hospital over the years. No matter what obstacle the doctors come up against, whether it be a personal crisis or a challenging diagnosis, everything tends to work out in the end.

Within the show's canon, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is often said to be an exemplary medical institution that employs some of the world's finest surgeons. However, the doctors that work there are more likely to hit on their coworkers than hit the books. Thanks to their constant romantic entanglements, there's no shortage of drama. It is a fictional hospital, after all, but what if it wasn't? Fans pondered that question when coming up with fake Google reviews for Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Getting treatment at Grey Sloan Memorial would be a bizarre experience

Being a patient at the "Grey's Anatomy" hospital is a fate you want to avoid at all costs since bad luck seems to befall everyone who walks through the doors. If Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital were real, you'd want to seek treatment elsewhere. In a Reddit thread, a "Grey's Anatomy" fan couldn't help but joke about what kind of Google reviews the hospital would have if it was an actual institution.

If you lived in the Seattle area, it would be alarming to return to Grey Sloan Memorial over the years only to find that so many of your doctors have died since your last visit. "Went in for a check-up on my epilepsy and asked where Dr. Shepherd was. It turns out he died after getting hit by a car, and I heard this long speech from everyone. It was touching, but I was hoping to get in and out. I'll miss him for sure," said Reddit user u/invisibilitycap.

"Came to the E.R., and all my doctors left me because of a make-shift prom happening for some reason ... they forgot about me, and I didn't even get to join in the prom," wrote user u/shaniceeee about the Season 2 finale, a fan-favorite installment that easily makes the list when ranking the best "Grey's Anatomy" episodes. Viewers definitely got a laugh out of the scenario, and the jokes didn't end there.

The doctors don't have their priorities straight

Even if the doctors could get their personal lives sorted out, fans aren't convinced that things at the hospital would be any better. The doctors frequently get into fights, violate standard procedures, and make decisions based on emotions. However, their constant struggle to grasp basic medical knowledge makes viewers truly flabbergasted. Plenty of episodes feature the doctors ordering thousands of dollars worth of tests, only to later realize that their assessment was incorrect, making the results irrelevant. The search for a correct diagnosis helps push the narrative forward, though that tiresome cycle would leave many people in dire straits in real life.

Reddit user u/Illustrious-Egg-1571 summed it up perfectly: "Went in for a cold, was ordered $900,000,000 in CTs, angiography, tox screens, and MRIs. Turned out I had a life-threatening brain aneurysm and stomach cancer despite having no symptoms. I almost died, and three separate doctors asked me to give a speech on my very specific personal issue. They seemed to make a decision about their love life afterward. Also, a strange ginger man kept on yelling and punching things."

Thankfully, "Grey's Anatomy" is filmed on a soundstage in Los Angeles, so no one ever has to worry about getting the hot-headed Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) as their surgeon. The fake reviews are all in good fun, though Grey Sloan Memorial would have a weird reputation if it were a real place.