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The Steamy Scene In Sex/Life That Has Netflix Fans Talking

When you invite that special someone over to your house to "Netflix and chill," everyone knows what you're talking about. Luckily, it appears as though the streaming service has decided to lean into its contribution to the lexicon by offering subscribers plenty of adult-oriented content to get both of you in the mood. After all, things might get awkward if things start getting hot and heavy as Bojack Horseman waxes philosophical on the meaning of happiness. 

"Sex/Life" is the latest series you should never watch with your parents in the same room. The sexy show follows Billie Connelly (Sarah Shahi), an ordinarily straight-laced woman who suddenly finds herself attracted to an old fling. Things only get more complicated from there, but there are plenty of scenes of good-looking people doing good-looking things in the meantime. 

However, in particular, there's one moment in the series that has grasped viewers' attention. If you've watched the entire first season already, then you know precisely what we're talking about. If you haven't, you can participate in the latest meme challenge making the rounds through Twitter and TikTok. 

Episode 3's scene has gotten the internet titillated

The scene in question occurs in Episode 3 just before the 20-minute mark. The scene shows Cooper (Mike Vogel), Billie's husband, getting into a gym shower, where he finds Brad (Adam Demos), Billie's lover, in there, as well. At this point, Cooper catches a glimpse of Brad's rather impressive genitalia. It's not a brief scene either, as the camera lingers on the full-frontal nudity for several moments before turning away. 

It's a fairly graphic scene, even for Netflix, and people have turned to social media to let their opinions known. People are appropriately freaked out at the moment, especially if you've jumped directly toward the scene without any context of what's happened previously. There's @junmarlongos, who wrote, "I still can't get over that scene from Sex/Life ep3 19:50." It's proven to be too much for some, like @noitsnotmea: "That's enough netflix for me and i should probably go to bed now."

While people post gifs of their reactions to the scene on Twitter, the "Sex/Life" challenge becomes a bit more personal on TikTok. Users have uploaded their responses to the plot point, ranging from utter shock to uncontrollable laughter (via Independent). You can get on the hottest trend sweeping social media right now and record your reaction for everyone to enjoy. One thing's certain from all of this: Netflix will have its work cut out to find a scene to top this one for "Sex/Life" Season 2.