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The Flash Trailer Has Fans Ready To Endure Two Barrys For Michael Keaton's Batman

The highly anticipated Super Bowl LVII trailer for "The Flash" got fans buzzing prior to the big game on Sunday, as the ad presented the anxious DC fandom with a number of jaw-dropping revelations and eye-opening small details. As a result, the fanatics have their fair share of things to be excited about when the film drops in June. During the trailer, not one, but two Barry Allens (Ezra Miller) unite to try and undo the damage seemingly done when the Flash breaks the Speed Force. Supergirl (Sasha Calle) and even General Zod (Michael Shannon) have their moments, but it is Michael Keaton's return as Batman that was arguably the icing on the cake.

Keaton reprises the dual roles of billionaire Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight detective he originally portrayed in Tim Burton's 1989 "Batman." For Keaton, it's been nearly 35 years since he first suited up to fight crime in Gotham City. But returning to the role and putting the Batsuit back on after all these years was easier than fans might think. "It was shockingly normal — weird," Keaton said in an interview (via Jake's Takes). "And like I went, 'Oh, oh yeah, that's right,'" Keaton continued. 

The return of Keaton's Batman is arguably the high-water mark for "The Flash" despite all of its cool characters, even the film's titular star. And it seems the fans will accept almost anything "The Flash" has to offer thanks to Keaton's involvement in the project.

Keaton's appearance delighted fans

"The Flash" will reset the on-screen world of Detective Comics, so James Gunn and Peter Safran can make major inroads for their DCU. While SnyderVerse followers will be thrilled to see Ezra Miller's Flash altering timelines, fans seem most excited by the inclusion of Michael Keaton's Batman in "The Flash" trailer from Super Bowl LVII.

"Seeing Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight again after 34 years just brought a tear to my eye," YouTuber Shaton Lucky posted in the comments. "This movie is going to be EPIC." Keaton's crime-fighting Bruce Wayne last appeared in 1992's "Batman Returns," which was also helmed by Tim Burton, and there's no denying that the DC fandom is happy to have him back. "Not gonna lie," YouTuber bofo85 wrote. "I got teary-eyed seeing Michael Keaton back as Batman."

"I got actual chills when Keaton showed up as Batman," YouTuber Tom Hyde commented. Keaton's version of the Dark Knight seems like he's going to be a major player in "The Flash," judging from the Super Bowl trailer, and many of the fans are incredibly grateful. "Words can't express how much it means to me to see Michael Keaton back as Batman. Thank you." Now, most of the chatter following "The Flash" Super Bowl drop seems to be focused on the Bat, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that fans are willing to put up with Ezra Miller's Flash(es) just to see Keaton don the cowl again.

Fans will put up with every Flash just to see Keaton

DC fans have seen the childlike, fanboy way Ezra Miller's Flash interacted with Batfleck in "Justice League." But, regardless of how Michael Keaton's Bat flies with both Barry Allens (Miller) appearing in the Super Bowl trailer — one actually faints in the TV spot — the fandom is clamoring over the return of Michael Keaton's Batman. And they'll happily accept anything, which includes enduring both Barrys, to see Keaton's Dark Knight in action.

"I'm up for DC disappointing me again just to watch Michael Keaton play Batman one more time," @DennyBoo posted on Twitter. And Miller may be playing the titular role, but some fans are going to buy tickets for the sole purpose of witnessing Keaton clad in the Batsuit again. "I hope Warner Bros. Pictures properly interprets that people are going to see this film (and it will be successful) because of Michael Keaton returning to be Batman in it and not because of Ezra Miller," composer @brianralston tweeted. "Just saying."

For other fans, Miller's off-screen issues might have kept them from watching "The Flash" altogether had it not been for the inclusion of Keaton's Batman. "I was mad when they didn't pull this movie because of all the actor was doing, but I really want to see this," @mrcherry81 wrote. "Especially Michael Keaton, he's the best." Hopefully, the hype surrounding Keaton's return and "The Flash" itself will pay off come June.