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Danny Noonan Is Back In The 'Caddyshack' For The Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl 2023 Commercial

One of the common themes for Super Bowl ads in recent years has been movie throwbacks, with a lot of actors from iconic roles returning for a brief cameo in a commercial. In 2012, Matthew Broderick returned to his famous role as Ferris Bueller in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" for a Honda CRV commercial. AndĀ Uber Eats reunited Wayne (Mike Meyers) and Garth (Dana Carvey) from "Wayne's World" in 2021. This year's Super Bowl selections have already brought fans the return of Alicia Silverstone as her Cher character from "Clueless" in a commercial for Rakuten.

Given its cult status, the 1980 golf comedy "Caddyshack" seemed like a perfectly ripe film to get the Super Bowl ad treatment. But with Rodney Dangerfield deceased and Bill Murray and Chevy Chase both notoriously difficult to work with, who would be brought back from the classic comedy? Well, the new commercial just came out for the Super Bowl, and with it came the return of Danny Noonan.

Danny Noonan says be the ball

In the new commercial for Michelob Ultra, Brian Cox of "Succession" fame plays golf with tennis star Serena Williams as a number of athletes show up in an obvious parody of "Caddyshack." Cox's character, clearly meant to be the villain of the piece for almost no reason, is fed up with all these celebrities showing up to support Williams and taunt him, and becomes increasingly frustrated throughout the commercial. Finally, it comes down to Williams' last shot, and Danny Noonan (Michael O'Keefe) quotes the advice that Ty gave Danny in the original film, telling the tennis star to "be the ball." In typical "Caddyshack" fashion, a simple Michelob Ultra being opened tips the ball into the hole, winning Williams the game.

According to an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Brian Cox was an odd choice for a "Caddyshack" themed commercial, as he didn't quite understand the American fascination with the film. He did, however, admit to being a huge fan of all things Ted Knight, the actor who played Judge Elihu Smails in the film. So, for Cox, he viewed the advertisement as something of a tribute to Knight.