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Fans Love Rita Moreno In Fast X's First Trailer (And Some Want Her To Fight Helen Mirren)

Twenty-two years after the original film landed and kicked off a cultural phenomenon decades in the making, the "Fast & Furious" franchise is returning for the tenth film, "Fast X." The first of a two-part finale, the film will presumably begin closing out many of the storylines for characters that have grown over the course of nine movies, including Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), and Mia Toretto-O'Conner (Jordana Brewster). Fans are finally getting a taste of what the tenth film has in store, as the first official trailer has dropped.

In the new trailer, the family of gearheads and misfits seem to have settled into a life of peace and tranquility. Of course, in true franchise style, their past comes back to haunt them in the form of a new villain, played by Jason Momoa. Not much is revealed about the new big bad, other than that he was personally affected by the team's exploits in Rio back in "Fast Five," evidenced by a flashback to the outlandish theft of a safe using suped-up Chargers.

While there was a fair amount of furiously fast action sets for fans to feast their eyes upon while watching the fittingly four-minute trailer, social media blew up with interest in one actor in particular that was added to the cast.

Rita Moreno is now part of the Fast & Furious family

Rita Moreno is a living legend in Hollywood. You may remember her from the original "West Side Story," where she gained fame for lyrically praising the dream of America. This film also won her an Academy Award for best supporting actress, setting her on the path to eventually completing the prestigious EGOT in 1977. Now, Moreno is playing Abuela Toretto, Dominic's grandmother.

Of course, there isn't a lot of hope that her role in "Fast X" will pick up another award for the actress, but it will get fans praising and speculating on what it will mean — especially since fellow legend Helen Mirren is also in the cast as Magdalene Shaw. @HelixGizmod excitedly said, "it's insane to me that they got RITA MORENO AND DAME HELEN MIRREN in this damn franchise." @RiseburyCrisis even used the info to debate whether she should become a new fan, saying, "Rita Moreno is in those Furious car films now, and I'm having (to) reevaluate if maybe I should watch them..." And finally, @SamuelLaskey posited something interesting, "Guys, we are getting so close to Helen Mirren and Rita Moreno having a fight scene in these movies. It could happen."

"Fast X" is the newest film in a franchise now known for going above and beyond with new ways to be outlandish. Watching Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel go head-to-head was like watching two boulders roll down a hill and bounce into each other. But even if we don't see an actual fight between these two Hollywood icons, their presence certainly lends the franchise more prestige heading into the epic finale.