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John Travolta's T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad Has Him Hoping For More Collaborations With The Scrubs Duo

If John Travolta gets his way, he'll be delivering a brand new musical hit with the "Scrubs" duo, and it'll all be thanks to T-Mobile.

Zach Braff and Donald Faison, who previously headlined NBC's "Scrubs," made waves last year when they appeared in T-Mobile's Super Bowl spot. Singing about the power of home internet, the mini "Scrubs" musical reunion was met with positive reviews and is currently the telecommunication giant's most-watched video on their YouTube channel. Hitting a nostalgic goldmine, the "Scrubs" duo partnered once again with T-Mobile for their Big Game commercial, this time roping in John Travolta as a singing partner. In the ad, Travolta is seen moving into the "Scrubs" duo's neighbourhood. The two then compel their new neighbour to switch over to T-Mobile, singing a home internet-focused take on "Summer Nights" from "Grease."

Travolta, whose breakout flick was "Grease," is no stranger to musicals. Speaking with Variety, Travolta expressed interest in working with the "Scrubs" duo again. "I love the dynamic between the three of us," Travolta told the outlet. "I know it sounds odd, it's like a special art to do musical comedy and advertising, that has a vibe, a frequency that is different than other types of performance. When I see all three of us together, I feel like we should do something else with this, you know?"

Will John Travolta and the Scrubs duo reunite?

Seeing as Zach Braff and Donald Faison returned for T-Mobile's 2023 Super Bowl commercial after a successful debut in 2022, it wouldn't be surprising to see Travolta go back for seconds. Travolta is clearly in love with the chemistry he has with the "Scrubs" duo, and the T-Mobile ad is already a hit with viewers, so why not? Should the trio return for T-Mobile's 2024 Super Bowl commercial, it will be interesting to see if another star is brought in for the audience's musical enjoyment.

Travolta continued his chat with Variety by expressing how he was enthusiastic about the commercial even before cameras began rolling. "All this is tongue in cheek, which is what I love about it, why I said, 'Yes,'" Travolta said. The actor continued by expressing his confusion as to why a "Grease" song had never been spoofed before on such a wide scale. Travolta previously paid homage to "Grease" in a 2021 Super Bowl commercial for Miracle-Gro. Faison revealed to Variety the T-Mobile brass had been considering the "Grease" idea but "didn't know they would pick it." Lucky for Faison that T-Mobile jumped for the idea, as the "Scrubs" actor previously expressed how great it was to work with Travolta.