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Brian Cox Had No Clue What A Super Bowl Ad Was When Michelob Tapped Him For Their 2023 Ad

Scottish theater, TV, and film veteran Brian Cox has starred as media titan Logan Roy since the premiere of HBO's smash hit "Succession" in 2018. As the founder of global entertainment enterprise Waystar Media, Cox's irascible, profanity-spouting Roy rose from humble beginnings to forge what grew into the fifth-largest media empire on the planet. As the series progresses, the struggle among the Roy family for control of the sprawling conglomerate becomes the centerpiece of the series' action, with the show currently heading into its fourth season for the streamer.

While Cox may primarily be recognized by fans from his acclaimed portrayal of the Roy patriarch, the actor has a long list of notable roles in projects like "Braveheart," "X2: X-Men United," "Troy," "Super Troopers 2," and even a couple episodes of "The Simpsons." No stranger to the world of advertising, Cox has also been the voice behind many of McDonald's commercials since 2020. However, Cox is a native of Dundee, Scotland, with a humble background that includes a mother who worked as a yarn spinner and a father who was a shopkeeper and butcher. So, with this sort of early Scottish upbringing, it's perhaps no surprise that Cox was clueless about the American phenomenon of Super Bowl TV commercials before he was cast in Michelob ULTRA's upcoming ad for the big game.

Brian Cox was simply unfamiliar with the concept of Super Bowl advertising

With its big-budget, star-studded commercials attracting almost as much attention as the actual football taking place on the field, the 2023 Super Bowl promises to continue the tradition of innovative, must-see TV spots. Selected by Michelob ULTRA for its ad for the Kansas City Chiefs versus Philadelphia Eagles match this Sunday, Brian Cox admitted that when he was cast he had zero idea what he was agreeing to star in.

"I didn't know what a Super Bowl commercial was," the actor told Esquire when asked about the spot for Michelob ULTRA's low-carb brew. Featuring a golf-centric theme that plays homage to "Caddyshack,"  the ad is directed by Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Rachel Morrison, who was behind the camera for "Mudbound" and "Black Panther." Asked in the same Esquire article which of his many characters he'd like to share a beer with, Cox called out his "Succession" persona to say, "Well, Logan Roy wouldn't have a beer with anybody." Then, in a further comment that might result in a lingering aftertaste for his friends at Michelob ULTRA, Cox added, "And he will drink Scotch, mainly."