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The Trailer For Succession Season 4 Teases 'A Tightrope Walk On A Straight Razor'

It's almost time to betray your fiancées and tell your fathers to "f*** off." HBO's "Succession" is coming back for Season 4, and the Roys have never made ravenous bloodlust look so sterile.

Season 3 saw several devastating shifts in their family dynamic, as well as the Waystar Royco corporate hierarchy — not that there's much of a difference between the two these days. After finally coming to terms with his actions and dysfunctions (or as close as a quasi-narcissist can get), Kendall (Jeremy Strong) was finally able to join forces with his temporarily estranged siblings Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Shiv (Sarah Snook). Just as they were about to execute the legal backstabbing of their father, Logan (Brian Cox), they were collectively betrayed by Shiv's downtrodden husband Tom (Matthew Macfayden), in a bid for his own professional advancement (as well as the advancement of his only true friend, Nicholas Braun's Greg).

Executive producer Mark Mylod recently spoke about the upcoming season on the red carpet for his film "The Menu," telling viewers to expect "more of the same" from "Succession" in its fourth outing (via YouTube). "But there's a lovely gear change coming up in terms of just where we find the characters..." he continued, "I can't wait for people to see it, I really can't." Though fans will have to wait until late March to witness the full fallout of the Roy family feud, a recently released trailer hints at how the story will unfold next.

It's business as unusual

In a trailer released by HBO (via "Succession's" official Twitter account), time has certainly not healed the wounds of the last season finale.

From the get-go, it showcases the trademark petty semantics of the characters, as the three recently-ousted Roy children bicker over the precise circumstances under which they would accept a call from their equally insolent father. Amid the hilariously cyclical conversation, however, the dramatic thrust is clear — Logan has traded the respect of his children for control over his company, and he doesn't seem to be as okay with that as you'd expect. Will Logan finally sacrifice his ego to regain his family?

This question is tested as Tom expresses his anxieties that his move in the Season 3 finale will end his marriage with Shiv. Surprisingly, Tom seems mostly concerned that their hypothetical divorce would result in the collapse of his newfound partnership with Logan — like his father-in-law, Tom needs to be certain that his sacrifice was worth it. And though Logan "heartens" Tom by vaguely confirming that their personal and professional lives will remain separate, that's basically never been true for the Roy family.

The tension between the two camps will only get worse as Kendall, Roman, and Shiv (and possibly Gerri?) seemingly organize to make yet another play to take down their father — who only has Tom and Greg in his corner. Suffice it to say, Season 4 of "Succession" will once again take the Roy family — and their company — to the brink of disaster in the most entertaining way possible.