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Michelob Ultra's Song Choice For Their Super Bowl 2023 Commercial Is The Perfect Caddyshack Throwback

The Super Bowl and beer go together like ... well, the Super Bowl and chicken wings. It just makes sense together. Every year, there's a litany of beer ads to remind you of all the drinkable choices at your disposal. Sometimes, beer ads get a bit sentimental to remind you of all the glorious times in life when celebrating with a beer just makes sense. In other instances, companies want to be funny and go for celebrity cameos to remind you to quench your thirst. It looks like for the big game in 2023, Michelob ULTRA decided to go with the latter. 

The beer's newest ad sees a who's who of celebrities take to the golfing range, most notably with Brian Cox of "Succession" fame going up against pro tennis player Serena Williams. Throughout the ad, there are numerous references to the hit golf film, "Caddyshack," and as such, there's really only one music choice they could've gone with. 

Everyone's feeling alright with a little Kenny Loggins

Eagle-eyed "Caddyshack" fans will find plenty of callouts in the Michelob ULTRA commercial. From Brian Cox saying, "Well, we're waiting" to him holding up a club and whispering, "Billy, billy, billy," there's no shortage of moments that will make you fondly recall the classic comedy. And to really drive the point home, the ad uses the theme song for "Caddyshack," which is "I'm Alright" by Kenny Loggins. It's a classic piece of '80s nostalgia that went on to peak at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

It's remained a staple of Loggins' catalog all these years later, and for a generation of fans, it will always be connected to "Caddyshack." The song makes a comeback in the Michelob ULTRA commercial, playing for a good portion until it's replaced with tense music while Serena Williams tries to sink a shot, but it returns for the very end while everyone's celebrating. 

Movie parodies and homages are nothing new for Super Bowl commercials. Everything from "Home Alone" to "Crocodile Dundee" has been done before (via Collider). And now, "Caddyshack" joins extremely esteemed company.