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Young Sheldon Fans Are Applauding Mandy For Standing Up To Her Mother In Season 6 Episode 12

Ever since she showed up in Season 5, Episode 11 ("A Lock-In, a Weather Girl and a Disgusting Habit"), telling Georgie (Montana Jordan) she was 25 — while he lied and told her he was 21 — "Young Sheldon" fans have been getting a headache trying to figure Mandy (Emily Osment) out. Obviously, a 13-year age difference versus four years puts the pair on very different footing, not to mention the fact that at 17, Georgie's still a teenager. But while living with the Cooper family and preparing for their baby, the two have seemed to grow even closer, even while she encourages him to pursue other women.

When Mary Cooper (Zoe Perry) begins planning Mandy's baby shower it becomes clear that her dependence on the Coopers goes even deeper than we suspected. She doesn't have any friends to invite, admitting none of her friends even know she's pregnant. Mandy reluctantly allows Mary to invite her mother, Audrey (Rachel Bay Jones), but after her "gift" turns out to be a key to their house and she insults Georgie, Mandy blows up at her. Fans are thrilled that Mandy is finding the strength to stand up to her mom.

Mandy won't let her mother badmouth Georgie

Not only did Mandy stand up to her mom's overbearing and presumptuous expectations in Season 6, Episode 12 ("A Baby Shower and Testosterone-Rich Banter"), but she was also quick to defend Georgie and his ability to be a good father, and fans were delighted. "Mandy standing up for Georgie against her judgemental mom!" tweeted @EarthFae306. Fans were quick to praise the expectant mother for her bravery, with @calhoun_monique tweeting, "Mandy was absolutely the star on tonight's episode standing up and defending Georgie to her mother was everything."

After watching Mary grit her teeth trying to be polite and accommodating to Audrey, even apologizing for confronting her about not being there for Mandy, it was extremely satisfying to see Mandy stick up for herself and Georgie this time. "You do not get to badmouth Georgie. He's gonna be a better parent than you ever were," Mandy angrily told her mother.

We may still be confused about Mandy's decision to keep Georgie at a distance, despite how obvious it is that she cares for him, but at least we know for certain she's not going to let anyone badmouth her child's father.