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Why Kate From You Season 4 Looks So Familiar

Whether you've been a fan of Netflix's "You" since the beginning or just recently jumped on board with the show, you may start questioning the identity of anyone who has recently entered your life. The series, which has just dropped part of its fourth season, follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a stalking serial killer who sets his sights on one romantic target after another. In this latest season, Joe has taken his chilling talents to London, zeroing in on a group of wealthy friends he slyly infiltrates. 

Caught in the sights of the handsome stalker is one of the snobby elites of the group, Kate, played by London-born Charlotte Ritchie. Kate is an art gallery director whose personality comes across as cold as ice unless you are one of her loyal friends. When the newcomer, Joe, enters her world, Kate appears intensely suspicious about his intentions and that he may not actually be who he says he is. This struggle with identity may also be felt by fans as the actor who plays Kate, Ritchie, may seem familiar. Although she may be new to the show, she's not new to the screen, and there's a good chance you have seen her before.

Charlotte Ritchie played a privileged student in Fresh Meat

Fans of British TV may have first been introduced to Charlotte Ritchie in her breakout role on the comedy-drama series, "Fresh Meat." The show, which spans four seasons, follows a group of six students who share an off-campus living space together while attending the fictional Medlock University. Fans of the series got to see these unique characters deal with typical college issues, including rivalries and romantic flings. Ritchie plays Oregon, a literature student whose qualities may not be ones any viewer should replicate. 

For the role of Oregon, Ritchie needed to dig deep inside to bring out the character properly. "I think she represents all my worst sides, for sure," Ritchie told The Independent. Fans of the show got to see Oregon, who comes from a privileged background, have an affair with a professor, leading to an interesting relationship with his son. Eventually, struggling with the professor's desire to keep her at the University, combined with the stresses brought on by her overbearing mother, Ritchie's character struggles to finally get the peace and scenery she needs to write her novel.

Ritchie was a 1950s midwife

"Call the Midwife," which premiered back in 2012 on the BBC, pushes back against the norm of the network's usual limited episode run by posting a cup-of-tea-dropping 12 seasons and counting. The series follows a group of 1950s midwives who work at a nursing convent amongst the city's ever-growing poverty-stricken population. Despite plenty of highly dramatic, sometimes dismal storylines, the series gives fans plenty of enjoyable moments, greatly enhanced by the cast's impressive performances.

One of these performances comes from Charlotte Ritchie, who plays Nurse Barbara Gilbert for 30 episodes. Joining in Season 4, Barbara comes in as a replacement midwife, who proves herself to the rest of the team reasonably quickly by delivering three different babies on the same day. However, the job isn't smooth sailing from there, as Barbara begins to date the ex-fiancé of one of her colleagues. Ritchie's character ends up being right in the thick of it all the way through Season 7, when she then begins to suffer from meningitis, eventually succumbing to the disease.

Charlotte Ritchie was feeling good

In 2020, the United Kingdom's Channel 4 premiered the series "Feel Good," an intimate hidden gem you need to binge on Netflix. The comedy-drama was written and created by Mae Martin, the Canadian comedian who took her own real-life events to shape the show's plot. Spanning two seasons, the series was picked up by Netflix and rightfully received positive attention. The show follows Martin, who plays a version of herself, a standup comedian who happens to be a recovering drug addict. "Feel Good" focuses on not only the issues of substance abuse but also lightens up the storyline with a humorous take on sexuality and gender identity.

Equally significant to Mae's past and present issues is her new romantic connection with George, played by Charlotte Ritchie. After watching her perform a standup set, Ritchie's character is initially drawn to Mae. In contrast to the comedian, George has not yet come out to any of her friends or family, causing tension between her and Mae.

She can see dead people

Those who were fans of the CBS series "Ghosts," which premiered in 2021, may be surprised to find out that the show was an almost exact remake of a 2019 BBC series with the same name. The show zeros in on a newly married couple that inherits the Button House, an old creepy dwelling that the lovebirds contemplate turning into a hotel. However, the house is not as roomy as they think since it happens to be haunted by several ghosts from different periods of the past.

One of the newlywed tenants of this paranormal hub is Alison Cooper, portrayed by Charlotte Ritchie. As the collection of ghosts is not on board with converting their eternal home into a luxury hotel, one ghost attempts to derail the plan by pushing Alison out of a window. Barely surviving, Ritchie's character can suddenly see and interact with the ghosts. Eventually, all the inhabitants, living or dead, learn to work together despite Alison's husband, Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe), struggling to believe in the ghosts' existence.