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Don Stark Had No Problems Getting Back Into That '70s Show's Bob Pinciotti

These days, it seems like just about every major franchise from yesteryear is making a comeback in one way or another. "That '90s Show" is just the latest in a long line of sitcom revivals, including "The Connors," "Fuller House," and even an upcoming "Frasier" revival series, which clearly shows that this is a trend that's here to stay.

Wisely, however, "That '90s Show" focuses on adding in fresh faces while still having members of the original cast come and go in occasional cameos. This works wonders, as "That '70s Show" was always a series about the struggles that come with being a teenager and slowly growing into an adult.

However, the parents of some of the central characters were a key part of the series as well. Both Eric's (Topher Grace) and Donna's (Laura Prepon) parents were regular fixtures of the show. While Donna is now a capable parent herself in "That '90s Show," her dad, Bob (Don Stark), still pops in from time to time to offer well-meaning advice.

Don Stark says it was pretty easy for him to become Bob again

"That '70s Show" wrapped up all the way back in 2006, and while it's been over 15 years since Don Stark put on that iconic wig, the actor says it was still relatively easy for him to slip back into the character of Bob. In fact, Stark said that getting back into Bob's headspace felt natural when he spoke to Entertainment Weekly.

"Bob exists in me," Stark explained. "As soon as the clothes came on, and the wig came on, and the sideburns, and the jewelry, everything just kind of snapped. It was great. It was seamless." The actor went on to add, "There was nothing to do, my Bob accent was right there at the ready, and it was fantastic."

The aloof but lovable Bob was there throughout all eight seasons of "That '70s Show," so fans are no doubt overjoyed to have the character make a return in "That '90s Show." "Bob is still that same guy: He means well, and he's got a big heart but doesn't always think things through completely or at all," Stark concluded. Either way, if the buzz behind the new series is any indication, viewers can likely look forward to seeing more of Bob on Netflix's revival in the future.