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Venom Symbiote Speaks In Leaked Trailer Clip

Venom is snarling his way into cinemas again.

Prior to the official release of the full trailer for the Sony Pictures Spider-Man spinoff, new leaked footage has emerged to finally give viewers the goods the teaser wouldn't — a full-fledged introduction from Venom himself.

The footage, circulating on Twitter, shows a glimpse of the Venom symbiote enveloping Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock before finally speaking, pronouncing to all the world (and one unfortunate, surely-dead-now screaming guy) that "We... are Venom."

Nice to meet you, Venom. Honestly, we are Groot — but you're still pretty cool. 

Check out the clip for yourself below.

Even isolated all on its lonesome, this 8-second clip of a slimy Venom snarling with his toothy mouth is way more hype-worthy than the original teaser in its entirety, which made the symbiote seem more like some kind of toxic poison than a savage alien being. 

Venom will be out in theaters on October 5. Check out our frame-by-frame breakdown of the first teaser now, and catch up on all the latest theories about Woody Harrelson and Carnage while you wait for the full trailer to drop.