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Fans Are Majorly Bummed About Joel And Ellie's Bad Luck In The Last Of Us Episode 4

Contains spoilers for "The Last of Us" Season 1, Episode 4 — "Please Hold My Hand"

After last week's emotional episode of "The Last of Us," the narrative has shifted focus back to the main storyline. Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) are back on the road after helping themselves to Bill's (Nick Offerman) cache of supplies, including a fully functioning truck that will make their long journey to Wyoming a lot easier. However, their luck quickly runs out once they reach what remains of Kansas City. After running into an issue on the highway, they reluctantly head into town only to find themselves drawn into a trap. With Bill's truck destroyed, Joel and Ellie are forced to head off on foot, once again putting the pair at a disadvantage as they continue their journey west.

Along with the loss of reliable transportation, Joel and Ellie have to abandon most of their supplies as they evade rebel forces led by the ruthless Kathleen ("Yellowjackets" star Melanie Lynskey). Even though "The Last of Us" Episode 4 ends with a cliffhanger, viewers couldn't help but lament the loss of those precious amenities. After watching Joel and Ellie overcome one obstacle after another, fans were disheartened by this turn of events.

Joel and Ellie can't catch a break

In a world where amenities are scarce, Bill managed to create a safe haven using his survivalist skills. While the rest of the country unraveled, Bill and Frank (Murray Bartlett) were able to maintain some semblance of normalcy. Following the pair's bittersweet ending, it seemed as though Joel and Ellie would be able to use the couple's supplies to survive the treacherous journey ahead. Unfortunately, Joel and Ellie have no choice but to abandon the resources Bill so carefully stockpiled over the years, a necessary course of action that left viewers gutted.

"It kills me they had to leave all the supplies behind on the back of Bill's truck. No way of taking it with you, but damn that's a lot of essential supplies gone," said user u/thepotatoinyourheart in a Reddit thread discussing the episode. Fans on Twitter felt similarly. @tbl_cely79 wrote, "Not Bill and Frank leaving the truck to Joel just for him to wreck it 20 minutes into the next episode." On the other hand, we're only halfway through the season, so a few complications are expected. "RIP short-lived truck full of supplies. Should have known ... Main characters aren't allowed to have nice things," wrote Twitter user @AshKittenn

With their resources depleted, Joel and Ellie's mission just became even more dangerous. Hopefully, their luck will change for the better in the next installment, which will be released a few days ahead of schedule on Friday, February 10.