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Chris Parnell Describes Watching Rick And Morty As A 'Treat'

Since its debut in late 2013, "Rick and Morty" has given TV fans everywhere something to be excited about when turning on the tube. The adult animated sci-fi comedy, which follows the intergalactic misadventures of a mad scientist (voiced by Justin Roiland) and his neurotic grandson (also voiced by Roiland) has garnered a reputation for its special brand of storytelling that blends absurd humor with a surprisingly hearty dosage of existential dread, making it stand out from its contemporaries. 

While the series embraces its science fiction and wackier elements with its variety of strange planets, characters, and jokes, the show has never been one to shy away from showcasing the hard-hitting reality of its flawed cast of characters. The show's silly and scary sides have been able to blend with one another organically over the years, allowing the series to appeal to fans of both styles of storytelling. 

And nothing can quite beat the feeling of "Rick and Morty" dropping a new season. While not every season of the show has been met with love from fans, a good majority of them have been able to do so, appealing to fans who are ever-eager to see how the series pushes its unique tonal mix-up even further. But if fans have a hard time waiting for the newest adventures of the dimension-hopping duo, imagine what it must be like for the show's voice actors, who must wait longer to see the show than you might expect. 

The voice actors have a while to wait for their episode

As with plenty of animated shows, the time it takes to craft even one episode of "Rick and Morty" can be a lengthy endeavor. According to Inverse, a single episode can take anywhere between nine and 12 months to complete. But while the show's creative team is able to be with the episode throughout its production, it's a different story for the voice actors. 

Chris Parnell and Sarah Chalke, who voice parents Jerry and Beth Smith respectively, were asked by ScreenRant in a 2022 interview about their thoughts on the Season 6 episodes after not having seen them for some time. Parnell goes on to describe the wait, saying, "But yeah, it's always such a treat to see, because between the time that we read it and record it, and actually get to see it, is a pretty decent stretch ... So, it's just fun as a fan of the show that gets to enjoy what we've all put together." Considering that "a decent stretch" could mean upwards of a year, Parnell certainly has more patience than us. 

While the series is still in the midst of its massive 70-episode order following the third season (via Deadline), it is unclear at the moment how the recent removal of series co-creator Justin Roiland following domestic abuse charges (via The Hollywood Reporter) will affect the show's momentum