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Deadpool Faces Off With Cable In New TV Spot

Deadpool versus Cable — who ya got?

It's another day, another duel for the Merc with a Mouth and the Askani'son as Deadpool and Cable go head-to-head in a new TV spot for Deadpool 2

The 30-second ad spot, called "Best Shot", provides some brief new glimpses of the sequel's standout mutants Domino and Cable, with a short look at a previously-unseen battle on a transport truck between the two newcomer characters. Apparently, the acrobatic Neena and the hulking Nathan Summers don't start off on the same side after all.

The truck battle appears to be part of a Deadpool-led plan to spring the mysterious, pyrokinetic mutant kid from previous promos from captivity, apparently being held prisoner by the equally-mysterious DMC organization. 

While the heist of a young kid from the custody of some evil department of mutant control is exciting on its own merits, the real highlight of this spot is the very end, which features new footage of Deadpool and Cable facing off with each other with their weapons of choice.

Perceptive viewers will notice yet another meta callback to a previous X-Men movie in the duel, with Deadpool spinning around his swords and deflecting all of Cable's bullets — or trying to, at least. 

It's a direct reference to a similar scene that was played straight in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Watch the new TV spot above, and check out the comparison for yourself with the X-Men Origins scene in question down below.

What a difference nine years can make, right? When this version of Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool tries his unkillable ninja thing, he ends up getting riddled with bullets. Cable's a good shot, sure, but that's embarrassing. As modern-day Deadpool puts it, "This is what happens when you turn 40."

Deadpool 2 will be out in theaters on May 18, landing a few weeks after the Avengers have stormed in to clean house for their Infinity War

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